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  1. Cupcake Thunder! Social! | Semi-Hardcore! | TS3!

    I don't know what kind of attack you are receiving, but if you got some control over your host, try Fail2ban, it's an intruder and flood detector that can auto-ban attackers in ip-tables based on several factors. Also, denyHost may be of some help.
  2. Real money blockade

    If your problem is your low HP, get better Shoul Shields, like the Moonwater Arena one, POH24, etc.
  3. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    Not a single response from NCSoft, amanzing. Not even to say they will look into it....
  4. What gems are you all using?

    No, Attack Power is better than additional damage. Attack power items adds to your base attack power, then this value is used to calculate damage of your skills, based on skill level and the setup multiplier for this skill. Additional damage is added after all these calculations, on top of the damage value calculated. So, if you increase your ATK by 25, then use a kill that does your 200% of your ATK, it will increase the total damage output up to 50. If you use a 25 Additional damage gem, it will increase your damage output by up to 25.
  5. Why u banned my account for no reasons ?

    This statement is just wrong in so many ways. I will illustrate it with an example. Imagine you were born from an specific ethnic group. It is believed from past occurrences that this ethnic group males used to steal from others. It is probably just a prejudice. Now, you are in your school, in your class, and a wallet is reported to be missing from one of your class mates. You did not get it, but you got flagged as the culprit, of course, your are from this ethnic group. Also, everyone thinks you are guilty, because you are from this group. Even after the wallet is found in your classmate other coat and you are officially innocent, people will not trust you and will keep an eye on their wallets when you are around. Do you get it?
  6. [REPORT] Fly Hacker in Arena

    Instead of transparency they preffer to keep people under control, so they will not allow any kind of posts that can breach this control. That's why naming and shaming is not allowed, that in fact, protects the offenders, and keep the rest of the users vulnerable to these offenders. I encourage all who thinks like me to stop reading, creating or participating in this kind of posts, and move to a differently moderated and well known forum (bladeandsouldojo), where we can put to shame the ones that deserve it. Then open a support ticket where you will get a generic answer saying that they will look into it but not let you know the outcome. Personally I use this forum just to read the news and announcements, and when I'm bored to read how people is doing with the game. Regarding the "Flying hack" or "tele hack", I suppose I am being lucky and didn't see it yet. I remember back in Aion hacking/cheating was a problem too.
  7. Best solo class?

    I should strongly disagree with you. He is not asking for the best DPSer, the strongest PvE or PvP character, but the most versatile and suited to play solo. I've played Force Master, and Blade master (as well as Summoner and Blade Dancer) and Summoner is the best class by far to play solo.
  8. So why play blade dancer over other classes?

    Yeah... I'm leveling a Summoner as an alter, and things are a lot easier and faster.
  9. So why play blade dancer over other classes?

    I play a BD because: - I like how fast paced the combat is. - The damage output is higher than the BM (at a sacrifice of defensive and survival capabilities) - I like Lyns - In PvE, I preffer the melee dps role.
  10. I suppose you have already tried to repair or even reinstall the game right?
  11. Considering the amount of materials needed to craft MW stones, I don't think it will fall below 4.5 - 5g.
  12. Bad latency EU servers

    This is because of the geo location of the IPs that NCSoft is using in the EU Datacenter. Source:
  13. Bad latency EU servers

    They can be located in the same contry or city, but that doesn't mean the same datacenter. ISPs used to have stronger infrastructure against the most used or most important section of the net. Sometimes weird routing can happen. It is just another possibility, not saying this is for sure your issue.
  14. Bad latency EU servers

    I live in the UK, and my ping is around 20ms (Fibre connection). It is probably something else (like the routing your ISP got). Also, check for Leatrix Latency fix, maybe it works for you... PS: In the non-official forum a guy published a tool called PGUI that claims to overlay your ping on top of your game screen. I've still to test it, but looks promising.
  15. Speedhacking?

    He was probably using animation cancelling attacks, that is, cancelling the animation of one attack with another one, over and over... This is allowed and some people even claim it is the "advanced" way to play.