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  1. Newbie FM - can't drop aggro?

    Q and E are your iframes, use to avoid red aoe or just normal attacks, you can put talents into frost prison so on use it freezes the whole team, divine veil left tier heals for 15% hp and 1% hp on resist which is huge, you can also freeze and get hit lots of time for huge heals.
  2. Newbie FM - can't drop aggro?

    Tbh fm can tank well anyway, at least I can, I've tanked all the bosses in bsh 4 man + naryu labyrinth as Ice FM.
  3. Nerf Summoners

    The only change they need is the damn cat pin, you have to stall for 18 seconds or you will be globalled, for some classes that's not possible.

    But as an FM you can only spam 1, impact, 50% of the time they evade, 50% of the time you hit them in face with it and nothing happens due to ping and when you finally manage to unstealth they just restealth.

    Sins are extremely strong, if you deny that then you're obviously a sin lol. It's the fact they can get you down to 50% hp before you can even TOUCH / SEE them... all for them to do it again after they've perma stealthed for god knows how long, if this isn't broken then idk what is, perhaps cats cc'ing you during aerial combos? yea that's broken too.
  6. The issue is people are basing how FM should perform on the number of Fms in diamond atm, you have to take into account the % of players that are just very skilled and can hit that rank with any class, you need to look at how they perform under this rank since the other 99% of players aren't going to be diamond. Saying that, FM requires so much more knowledge of other classes, you have twice as much skills to use, no invulnerability frames whiles moving (you're frozen), so ping dependent to get the right chill stacks for combos, if you can't do the double aerial combo you pretty much hit a wall in ranking up which is also very ping dependent, fm has no spammable counter like every other class until we get impact hongmoon skill which requires a crap ton of pve.
  7. But when they do they are at an immediate disadvantage, like BM vs summoner, KFM vs sin etc. that's what makes ranking up feel very rng.
  8. My point is that every class has a 60/40 or 70/30 counter class, like Fm vs BM and it shouldn't be like this. At the end of the day someone who plays exactly the same as you can reach plat / diamond facing only 50/50 classes then you can never reach plat / diamond because you face that extremely strong counter to your class. I know this is how many games work but in this game it feels so much more rng based, if I didn't face a wall of sins every time I try to rank up I would be a much higher rank because I know I can do well or have a decent chance vs every other class. Take 2 FMs, put one against every class except BM, then take the other FM and put him against every class + BM and the rank difference will be so different.
  9. This is what I'm getting at though, it doesn't feel like you have an equal chance vs every class and if you hit a wall of X class you just cannot rank up despite beating every other class. Summoner should not counter BM so much harder than any other class, Sin shouldn't counter KFM so hard and so on. It makes you feel like you're depending 50% on luck to not be thrown into countless matches with X class so you can rank up, this is why it feels very RNG based. It should be quality over quantity, you beat specific classes and hit X rank but atm it feels like quantity over quality where you just have to queue queue and queue until you face enough non hard counters to actually rank up.
  10. I'm sorry...

    but Sins are just flat out broken in PvP right now, the amount of dmg they can pull off without even being able to see them it just beyond broken. Is it only me that is severely struggling vs them right now?
  11. I asked some fellow FM's about ways to counter Sin, since that's who I struggle against (mainly the ones who stall for timer to run out) and I assumed they fought plenty of them, won and ranked up... I was wrong. They pretty much told me they just kept playing game after game until facing enough classes which favoured them to the point where they ranked up. This is exactly how PvP feels to me, I went from 1700-1895 on a win streak facing only Summoners, BD and WL. Then I hit a wall of Sins and 1 kfm bringing me back down to 1795, if I didn't hit that wall of X class I could easily be a much higher rank. this is where the issue lies. The rank you achieve feels purely RNG based depending on the class you get, you should feel like you have an equal chance vs any class but this is not the case since every class has 1-2 much harder counters. For example a BM could do very well against every class, reach 1895 or 2095 then hit a wall of scummoners, we all know BM vs Scummoner is one the toughest matchups atm, he could beat every other class multiple times but hit the wall of the one hard counter preventing him from ranking up despite how well he is doing in arena. This was the case for me on my FM, I did so well and learnt a lot from winning / losing but it got to the point where I was relying on luck not to be faced vs such a tough counter. Obviously skill plays a big role in advancing in rank but as it stands skill =/= luck. If the game decides to throw you against your best matchups, you rank up, if it decides to throw you against your worst match up you rank down, in my case it just throws me constantly at the only class I feel like I have very slim chances of beating, that's why it all feels like a luck of the draw when it comes to 1v1. This all comes from an underlying balance issue between all the classes which really needs to be looked at, I enjoy facing WL on my FM so much because it's pretty much a guaranteed win for me no matter how good that WL is, this should not be the case at all! classes shouldn't counter other classes to such an extent, all those WL's I face could be having the exact issue with me VS sins just facing constant walls of FM. Due to all of the above I've decided to quit doing 1v1 and only do tag for the zen beans, It's got the point where I don't feel like I can improve much more vs Sins, I've tried 200% every time I face them as well as watched countless video guides, streamers, asked other Fm's for tips too. p.s this is not a sin complaint thread, I do personally think they are way overtuned ATM but that's for another time xD
  12. Tier list now and at 50?

    Sins are definitely up there, KFM, Scummoner, BD. The rest are still good but you pretty much have to play perfectly, one mistake and it's over.
  13. I actually quit 1v1 due to Sins, every other class it was a challenge or a close fight and I Felt like I was improving regardless of win or loss, I got to around 1895 and hit a wall of sins... literally spent the next hour chasing a shimmer from one corner to the other whiles trying to iframe mines before the timer ran out because they were stalling like a *cricket*. 0 things you can do vs Sins that don't want to be caught, it's a very broken method of winning atm and even when they do decide to fight they are still broken, unsure why they received further buffs.
  14. I have like 5 beastbog keys but cannot enter, I have 5 of each map piece (2nd and 3rd) but can't get any 1st pieces because no one does plog sanctum! at any point in the day, no one sees the point in doing it because of the hassle to get the last boss to summon. Not quite sure what to do to get around this =/
  15. This is the 4th time it's happened now over the past few months, whiles facing a summoner all my skills will just lock... they snare me and my Q/E says "cannot be used under these cirumstances" so I go to use Divine veil instead wondering what the *cricket* is happening and it says the exact same thing "cannot be used under these circumstances". I can't q / e, I can't use divine veil, my SS + TAB was on cd so I was just stood there snared unable to move or use any skills... is this a scummoner skill or something?