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  1. ~Tight Knit ~Efflorescent ~Wayfarer ~Pure White Seductress & Mask ~Amity Wings - This outfit hasn't been put in yet but, I'd like to see it on sale already since it's been in F3 for a several weeks now. ~Blood Oath
  2. To be honest, I think some of you guys are under estimating Soul Fighters. They have considerably high dps. Maybe you guys have run into the inexperienced Soul Fighters who don't utilize Melee fully and stay in ranged the whole fight. But from my own experience as a Soul fighter I can keep up or beat most of those classes except for a BM. So I'd say it'd be like what someone above said : 1: FM, BM, WL 2: Sin, SF, Summ 3: Other Tank + DPS Support
  3. Hello! I'm looking for to purchase a HM Pellet, Add me on Discord ( Zech #9386) so we can talk more about pricing etc. ^-^
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