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  1. Outfits in f10

    ~Tight Knit ~Efflorescent ~Wayfarer ~Pure White Seductress & Mask ~Amity Wings - This outfit hasn't been put in yet but, I'd like to see it on sale already since it's been in F3 for a several weeks now. ~Blood Oath
  2. Top Dps atm? :)

    To be honest, I think some of you guys are under estimating Soul Fighters. They have considerably high dps. Maybe you guys have run into the inexperienced Soul Fighters who don't utilize Melee fully and stay in ranged the whole fight. But from my own experience as a Soul fighter I can keep up or beat most of those classes except for a BM. So I'd say it'd be like what someone above said : 1: FM, BM, WL 2: Sin, SF, Summ 3: Other Tank + DPS Support
  3. Oct 26th patch made FPS drop

    Same is happening to me.
  4. Hello! I'm looking for to purchase a HM Pellet, Add me on Discord ( Zech #9386) so we can talk more about pricing etc. ^-^
  5. Cobalt Widow Wig

    Hai! It's a rare drop from Bloodshade habor, the 3rd boss (The Twins) Other than that you have to get it from the Achievement Vendor. Good Luck in getting it!
  6. So, about 2 days ago I noticed that I was at the maximum limit on my Hongmoon Training Unsealing Charms but then I remembered that I didn't claim all 100 Charms on current main character, So I was going to have 1 extra pouch and that kind of bugged me because I had claimed a Stack of x10 on my current alt character because at the time I wanted to make sure I was taking advantage of the event while I leveled my Soul Fighter to be my new current main character, after I had gotten that character to level 50 I stopped playing the character with the charms on it all together so I ended up with x4 Charms on that character. SO I thought It'd be a nice idea to ask in a support ticket for those 4 charms to be traded to my current main character. They were super nice and were willing to help me out, which was awesome till they transferred the charms to the wrong character, (From my Main to my Alt). To add on to that they added 6 more charms maybe out of generosity because I didn't have those 6 Charms before. So I had 14 Charms in total and on the wrong character, now that I think about it I probably should have just sucked it up and took advantage of the extra charms and just do dailies on the character. But I didn't, I politely stated that it was put on the wrong character and they had given me an extra amount ( Hi! I much appreciate you taking out the time to help me with this, but as much as I'd hate to be a burden, it was put on the wrong character. Also I was given an extra amount. **** is my alt character that I don't play anymore that has the original x4 Charms I wanted to be traded over to my main character ****. If this is something that is final and nothing can be done, I'll figure out a way to work with it. I am very happy you were willing to help me though. Thanks!) So after that they said they'd transferred the charms back to my Main character. I had 8 Charms in total among two characters, one being my main and one being a alt I don't play anymore. Then it went to having 14 on my alt I don't play anymore. Now I have 4 on my main. So in the mist of them exchanging the charms they gave me extra, then took away 4. SO basically, while everyone has 100 charms per account, I only got 96. I explained this in a support ticket and this GM was willing to help me so they asked for the basic information like what character did I have the charms on and what server it was on, then what character I wanted the charms to be traded to and the exact name of the item I wanted (That being Hongmoon Training Unsealing Charms. After I sent that, I was in high hopes it'd be fixed.. They gave me x4 Hongmoon Training Exchange Tickets..... In the ticket I told them my characters and their respective servers and this Hongmoon Training Unsealing Charms (x4) Thank you for your help! Much appreciated. So then this is what they responded with after they finished the transaction (edited) But no that's not the item I got. I got Hongmoon Training Exchange Tickets...Not Charms. So after that I just told them this Hai! Thanks for the help...What was traded wasn't Hongmoon Training Unsealing Charms, What I got was Hongmoon Training Exchange Ticket. I stated before that the GM who was helping me before (edited) had mistakenly deleted the Hongmoon Training Unsealing Charms I had on **** (x4) and that's what I wanted back. But I'm over it now since there just seems to be a series of confusion. I'll settle for having to open less Hongmoon Training pouches compared to the standard amount everyone was able to open. Me having only x96 compared to everyone getting x100. I appreciate all the help, and I hope you and everyone else who helped me have a wonderful day! I was a bit rude imo in this statement but honestly I was a bit fed up, I just felt that if they were confused in how I explained what I said then I would of liked for them to at least just ask me to explain it a different way or in a better way but no they did a somewhat half ass effort to helping. I should of just sucked it up and did the dailies on my alt, but yes I was being lazy I didn't feel like doing the dailies on two different characters, one being a class I don't like. Idk why I wanted to post this really, I just a little annoyed at how everything was handled. I forgot to mention that there was at least a 10 hour response time in between them responding to me. So I'd respond like right as I got their message, then they'd respond 10-15 hours later and not complete my request. I just know now not to ask for item transfers, and I probably won't ever get any help from them again. But maybe some of you will get a laugh at my experience. Happy gaming everyone! Its only 4 Pouches right? Nothing to be mad about, not like I could of gotten 100 moonstones anything like that.. Sorry for the long read
  7. soul figther/chi master

    Why are you going off on him? He's just asking if anyone knows when it's coming out. All you had to say is "We do not know when Soul Fighter is coming out, NCWest has not given us any information when it will come" Where did you see anything about the 10th class anyways? Nobody mentioned that.. All that extra stuff you said was not needed and you know that, treat people how you wanted to be treated. He asked a simple question, answer is simply.
  8. Soul Fighter Event

    I'm basing this off of what the other servers did, I know the struggle of leveling 1-45 and 1-50. I went through the struggle of leveling up traditionally with doing regular missions, and side quest, and the Grinding method of farming adds in certain intervals. And at the time where all you had to do was get from 1-45 it wasn't too hard because the end game content was right there after you reached level 45 and you could quickly jump into it, like doing 24-man BSH and Poh. Warlock was blessed to be released at that time where you could jump right in the 24-mans. Now Soul Fighters are going to be in a different zone because of the fact that we are at level 50, and Level 10 HM. Plus the fact that the have just released Legendary weapons so everyone is trying to do end-game content. Now, I feel it would make everyone's life easier if they were able to start at level 45 IF they already have a level 45+ Character in the Character list. Plus I don't think you realize that that 16 Hour thing isn't as nice as it might seem. It is literally a grind, and can be extremely difficult for some classes to pull off. Try and put yourself in someone else shoes and think about this situation.
  9. Soul Fighter Event

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if someone has made a thread about this already, so sorry if it was. Anyways, I know NCWest has not given us a date on when Soul Fighter will be coming, but we know it's coming soon. Most are hoping for around some time in May. On a different note, I would at least like to know if we will be getting the event the other servers had where they were able to start at level 45 if they already had a Level 45 character among their character list. Honestly It would be the best route to go for releasing Soul Fighter for us considering how far we are getting in content, and the time it will take to get from 1-50 plus HM levels would take to much. Especially since people don't like running with Low HM level people even if they have good AP. I hope that a GM can at least be able to confirm the event because I feel it'll encourage more people to make a new character being they'll be able to start at level 45. I would love to know so I can fully decide if I want to continue saving and gathering Mats to trade over to my Soul Fighter when it comes out. Maybe if we make it known more so to NCWest that we want this event we'll get it. All we can do is hope. Happy Gaming :D !
  10. Blade and soul LGBT Guild <OurSanctuary>

    Omg, I would love to join! But I'm the leader of another clan, <Formation> (Beyonce reference) and I can't leave mine, we're like rank 6 right now. But anyways, I love what you're doing with making a community like this and I would love if there was another way I could support or be apart of it. Maybe, when soul fighter comes out I can join on that since that going to be my main. Maybe we can figure something out if we get the chance to speak to one another.
  11. Partner Recruitment

    I'll put my info XD. I really like this idea, as I'm someone who always wanted to have someone I always played with and would help each other be better as far as their characters. Hopefully we are on the same server. Also right now Im leaving my character where it is because I'm looking to main Soul fighter when it comes out hopefully early May. Anyways Biskits (50 HM level 5) Summoner Poharan Eastern Time Zone UTC-05:00 We can do this exchange once we know each other a little better. I'm the leader of a Clan so, you can join us if you'd like also, and we use Team speak for talking to each other.
  12. Naryu Labyrint problems ???

    Yea this happened to me before, but it cleared up after I ran it like 2 or more times. I haven't ran it since this maint so it might happen when I decide to run it. I honestly thought I was the only one that experienced it since no one else in my party mentioned it.
  13. I know that if you level one character from 1-45 or whatever it exactly is you'll get the Outfit bundle, then any other character after that will just get the outfit. Now my question is, what if you get two characters to level 45 before the first bunch of outfits are sent out on Wednesday, will you guys be able to pick up on it and send the bundle for the first character and the outfit for the second?
  14. New outfits in Hongmoon store (Feb 26)

    You can see the effects etc if you turn on your "Physics effect" in your settings for graphics. It'll allow you to see all the moving of the outfit etc in the wardrobe