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  1. Propaganda? D:

    This kind of propagation of propaganda is what keeps me going. What do we want - ban them botters When do we want - Now What do we really want - Release new patch When do we really want - Now
  2. chuck norris was definitely there, that's why so many botters came to pay respect
  3. you have a freedom of speech and free will. And i dont work for ncsoft nor having minimum wage for them, just an ordinary player playing it casually and not a premium member and havent spend a single penny on this game either except for the VPN premium service im using.
  4. Summoners so bad @ yeti

    because i am a summoner and i defended for my kind
  5. EU is weaker for SEA, whereas NA is a better choice. i play in NA with 300ms+ but reduced to 226ms with WTFast, bearable for PVE and some pvp for dailies. Always envy those video walkthrough that has the best anicancel which i can never dream off
  6. [Suggestion] Grand Harvest Square

    SEA SEA Players request 1 of the timeslot =/ its impossible for us to join unless during the weekend because its at 8am, 12pm and 2pm for us working full time
  7. Any SG/MY players?

    you could just spam in faction chat in your server. But hey, im from My so nice to meet you (yuhwa server)
  8. lol i wouldnt dare to *cricket* off those botters, once they are pissed and started bombing you endlessly. There's no ssp moment for us anymore
  9. Botters, oh wait they aren't non player characters darn it!. 1. yunma fei bae ( hands down the cutest princess) 2. jinsohyun ( she's like the fantasy dream girl of 50shades) 3. soha (def not looking at her bewbs)
  10. How do the Yun reproduce?

    They don't reproduce, thats why my achievement are not done ( killing 100 of each races) Yun ( 56/100) stucked lolx
  11. You know how whinners exist? - Give them something sweet which favors them and take it away We from the SEA region did not even make a fuss about anything because we weren't favored from the start and never expect anything also but seeing you guys whining like a cry baby just pisses us greatly
  12. Is there a way to move my skills around on the action bar?

    try fiddling with the settings menu for half an hour, you'll get there if not, pls revert back here we could tell you how
  13. To those whiners, NCsoft is not a company that feeds on oxygen and sunshine in order to keep them servers running
  14. Account HACKED

    some cases of hacking are which you posses weak strength password. Also back to the initial topic of the post starter, you have a credit card but you don't posses a phone? what are you like Y2k millenium era or could it be the CC is supplimentary card from your parents. Most which i mean by most cases of hacked account is causes by keylogger and also by someone close to you or whom knew your login username. But there are some circumstances they do hack directly into your network and leaves a tracer so they can actually evedrops on your activities and pick it up from there. It could be from any website not necessary from a gold seller website. Internet is a blackhole of possibilities xD
  15. Bloodshade Harbor - Venomous Thrasher

    i think your main concern is the AP and also the venom debuff you need to clear it each time you're affected with it. Other than that you're good to go