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  1. Guess what we don't care about you either, Next you can go to game publishers and whine like an entitle 6 year old about how we get console games 1-2 weeks before you guys, poor baby. And just so you know, those other places with servers for you, Are usually months behind in content. So if that is what you want you can wait another month before you get the Feb.10th update.
  2. GPU usage drops in crowded areas?

    Im running on a, GPU GeFore GTX970 CPU Intel R core i 5 4690k @ 3.50ghz 8.00 gb ram, 7.86 usable 1600 x 900, 60hz Built it a year ago and for some reason I can rarely drop to 30 FPS from my usual 50-60 on everything ultra. and this is in like the empty desert. It blows my mind lol.
  3. Leechers

    Then put together a party and stop pugging.
  4. Blackwyrm

    Just give it up its sad seeing you get eaten alive here.
  5. What is the drop rate of Dark Sandstorm?

    I got it first try, from the box. I was locked out of boss room and didn't even damage him, in fact I died 3 times because I kept getting close to the fire orb.
  6. There is about a 1000 dollars of premium and cash shop right there xD
  7. [Solved]

    Oh wow thank you for the info, I had used a blue one earlier this morning and it showed a buff by my premium thats why I was worried because the opurple ones were not showing.
  8. [Solved]

    Solved thank you for all the info :]
  9. [REQUEST]Server Specific forums

    Thank you for taking the time to consider :]
  10. Kind of like the clans but for other topics, such as finding a group for certain things ect.
  11. Considering most of the bots sale power to level, also it takes like 30 mins to reach level 10, and they even buy premium this solution of lvl 10 isn't going to do shit. Next it's going to be like mail where you have to buy ncoin to chat in faction or region, but that will be so NC soft can money grab some more off the bots they are trying so hard to get rid of with their premium status...
  12. 7 Day's to delete a Character.

    I have already sent a ticket in the other day, Their response is shit, CrossFaded Jan 26, 13:13 I'm trying to Delete my Character, as I cannot afford a slot, But it wants me to wait 7 days, Can you just delete him so I can continue to play? Rechelle (Blade and Soul) Jan 26, 13:38 Hello Again, Apologies, the Support Team wont be able to process your request. You can purchase an extra slot in Hongmoon store instead. If you have any other questions and concerns, please let us know. Regards, Rechelle NCSOFT Support Team
  13. We are a brand new clan, At about 16 members currently, Currently looking to fill our ranks with social people so that clan chat is lively as well as helping each other out with info and questing, As well as organised groups for PvE, PvP Tag teams. We do not currently have a lvl requirement as the game is still pretty new, Feel free to message me when I am online to join. ~ Krypt
  14. Razer Synapse

    This is probably stupid question, but have you tried running both synapse and bsoul as admin? Also try binding a profile on synapse to only launch when bsoul is started If all else fails, just bind the in game keys to 1234, controll1234