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  1. my kung fu master. i also have a assassin but i havent found a outfit i wana portray them in yet though, (fyi the above image is from wardrobe but i also own it, just havent equipped it yet till i know for sure what server my crew is playing on)
  2. toggleable mood animation would be nice too if u go afk or something, but for now all there is is the f12 emotes.
  3. is it only me or is anyone else kinda annoyed by the fact in player creation it shows various player pose options to preview yet we get no decision on the player pose because its all depending on your class/race. why couldn't they just let us custom pick our own, everything else in player creation is unique and customize-able, so why not give us this extra bit of freedom to give our characters a definitive attitude in the way they pose while idle.
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