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  1. Servers crashed ?!

  2. Blade and Soul work with Windows 10?

    Win 95, no problem.
  3. Oh wait ... some that gives moonwater box does - but the daily that gives me much gold only offers either key or valor stone.
  4. I still need much gold for upgrading old items geezz
  5. Dammit !! Photobucket under Maintenance ...
  6. Rich ninja last second masterloot!? EU

    Yeah I'm sure if nothing is done about it, more of the same will follows.
  7. Rich ninja last second masterloot!? EU

    Is this not a reportable offense ? In some other games you can report this kind of behaviour and GM will take actions. Don't know about Bns tho ...
  8. Find a nice clan and just make a chat window for clan and party member only ... so tired of logging in and block a zillion spam cheap gold bla bla
  9. Get off the forums guys :P

    Just waiting for my Rise of the Tomb raider to finish downloading mwa ha ha
  10. For me I start doing the daily quests at Misty woods which will give me much silver, then the big four dungeon .. that also gives me much silver and on few occasion when bidding war for moonwater gem gets crazy I got much gold. After that you want to do faction daily quest in misty cus much silver and Soulstone, I want to craft moonwater transformation stones and you need 100 soulstones to craft that. Then just work my way backwards around the areas till hit 40 dailys. As for Unsealing charms you can get from opening reward box from daily or just craft them. So for me the lower lvl daily quests gives much less reward compared to the 45.
  11. The error 4049 is from gameguard, since your game crash if you press CTRL+ ALT+ DEL and look in your taskmanager - processes, the Bns is still there, so click it and end task and restart the game should be fine.