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  1. Jumping,Flying Quest

    Geeze people. I'm level 30 Summoner and I can't do the jumps and gliding right because the STUPID GAME won't tell you how or let you do it right! I have to jump up a leaning town with a feather fan to get an upgrade on gliding. And I can't do it. I get away from the building, let my chi go full strength and run at the building and jump by hitting the space bar. Sometimes my toon doesn't jump at all. Other times lucky to get to second story. And it won't let me climb up the mountain behind the building so I can jump down. HOW DO U DO IT?
  2. what do i do when frozen by fm

    Twice I've beaten a dungeon (lower level character) and ended up frozen. I can fire, drink healing potion or eat but I can't move from spot. Support just said they'd investigate and they would post here but I don't see it. One dungeon is the one about Mites.