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  1. 19 minutes ago, Enhance said:

    Yes, there is no other way to get HM LMB, you need the guild crafted item. However if you're super-allergic to people you can create your own clan, level it to 2 (takes a small amount of gold and soulstones), and craft it with yourself & an alt.

    hmmm so how much is a small amount? does it scale with the amount of ppl in the clan? how much does the pill cost?

  2. So as we know we got guild crafting in the silverfrost update which has some prt koo stuff but as someone who has been guildless since launch ive been obviously missing out on some good things such as the HM LB what i wanna know is there no other way to get the HM LB? How much am i exactly missing? Why do u HAVE to be in guilds to get things so significant? 


    Replies appreciated 

  3. 14 minutes ago, GlowLight said:

    dont think those skills are coming to na/eu anytime soon

    Not jus wanna know when 


    18 minutes ago, Boscodash said:

    i think its the patch that contains the eroded storyline(where you have to aid pohwaran to save her grandfather), silent ship, battle of silhouette forest etc. basically some patches from this one we have. it comes with content update so there may be some months to go before we reach the content that provides these skills. 

    that saddens my psychopathic demolitionist side :/

  4. 6 minutes ago, Boscodash said:

    there is already one with the silverfrost patch. you need 1k+ gold to get the skill books though or farm it from the 4 man heroic instance. 

    no not those those are hogmoon skills i meant legendary skills like chi bomb/multiple blaze

  5. So when will we get out lv 50 legendary skills? From the information ive seen on other versions we almost have everything to unlock em although i could be wrong as im not familiar with other versions.

    So when will we be getting em next patch maybe? I wanna blow stuff up with multiple blaze already 

  6. Use ur cat and watch it carefully, sometimes i jus burst down cat when i feel like it and if ur not careful ur cat can be toast. Use petal storm wisely it blocks all atts except for a few mainly grab if u get grabbed make sure ur cat is ready to break u out immediately and run directly back into the storm. Take note of when they use their tab and ss cause if they out of their tab and u get a cat grapple the games over. Control ur cat well make sure ur not putting it in to much danger use ur seed shroud effectivly and remember sunflower goes through veil 

  7. Just now, 6IX said:

    To be honest i ran this with guildies and none of us got any legendary weapons but we did got a lot of moonstones and other things to upgrade your accessories/weapons. Not sure if this will drop legendary weapons in the future.

    how do u enter it cause it says u need a clan 200 presige and cant wear a faction outfit

  8. 1 minute ago, 6IX said:

    This was an event in the Cinderlands pvp area, where bosses will spawn and you will have to kill them to get a a bunch goodies from their drops.

    Well it apparently drops legendary weapons which shouldent be in our version. It also wasnt mentioned in the patch notes. Do u mean an event in other regions or this one? 

  9. Just now, Kraken801 said:

    I don't get it what is it?

    Its the cinderlands faction area which is supposed to have faction people in the center fighting but instead theres a giant sword thing that is a portal to fight bosses. Also the mobs walking around have like 6m hp which is not what they should have in the cinderlands.

  10. 2 minutes ago, DarkSkyBunny said:

    i just upgraded my pirate bracelet to stage 10 awakened oathbreaker gave me 4% crit so it should be easy to get back to 60% i'm at 54% now, still using mushin/lab/bsh ss mix

    Oathbreaker brace gives a fck ton of crit so yea 4% seems legit but yea like i said its possible 

  11. DPS meters are very nice to have just dont make it public idk why people are making such a big deal out of something so trivial like seriously if its a personal dps meter and no one else can see it chill out. Theres a huge difference in elitism and wanting capable people. EX right now people asking for 500 AP+ for yeti 6 man is elitism people asking for 450+ wants capable people. Only people i see crying about elitism is people with krap gear who whine just cause they have 340 ap and get kicked form yeti pts. 


    Its not a big deal

  12. 11 minutes ago, Nutrient said:

    ^ Diamond is close so they make you face them to help determine whether or not you make the cut. When in the 1800s as a gold, you also get matched with platinum.

    No no i know that but im like like the 1900s diamond is 2100 thats like 100-200 difference and if it happened maybe like once or twice i woulda been like yea ok sure but i literally got matched with a  diamond player 3 times in a row all different, how does that make sense? also after that i got matched with a plat player then a gold player  then a diamond player like what? To get matched with someone in diamond before u would have to be 2050 is  now its all messed up