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  1. So givin on how they have been releasing updates the next patch is probably on the 13th of April, now this is my estimate it could very well be later.

    Reason why im guessing this is how they did the silverfrost update: Warlock came out previous patch and they had a leveling event that went to the 23rd of March marking the next patch release. With this update they had no sort of event but they extended the pvp season the april 13th. Now again this is my guess and the evidence isnt as concrete as the wl lvling event but its the only info regarding dates we have. Too soon u might say however remember how they did a livestream showing off the silverfrost update and then release it 2 days later? yea so its not as crazy as u think although they may allow a little more time for people to get more accustomed to it cause it was a big update but im not NC so well have to see

  2. 2 minutes ago, Jem said:

    We have China bopae stats.

    TW HM EXP and weaponc urve.

    Korea's supposed legendary weapons (whenever they decide to release these).

    Korean skill updates.


    IDK, just a mix of just about everything.

    Well technically its all supposed to be the same game there are just some changes here and there 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Yamyatos said:

    A bit off topic, but arent we actually following taiwan version? I believe they said something in a stream a few weeks ago (the one they talked about legendary weapons +/-1)

    Yes that what they said if i remember correctly and thats what it seems like from what people are saying and how things were 

  4. Very good points and everything is true but dont want to sound like a jrk but making this thread is pointless, they already know all this which is exactly the problem they know of these issues but other then fixing them or addressing them what do they do? They blame it on other things (servers its ur isp) they dodge questions (T shirt some will know) and they dont do anything to fix them. They already made it obvious they dont care about this game or the playerbase and proved it multiple times that they are jus in it for the $$$$.

    Again dont want to sound like a jerk but u kinda wasted like 30s or so of ur life

  5. 8 minutes ago, raik7 said:

    I made this video showing a difference between high ping and low ping.
    It doesn't need any explanation...




    Dota2, CS:GO, League of Legends, WoW, Aion and many other games has servers in Brazil and they ALL SUCCEEDED.

    South America gaming scenario is HUGE, there's south american teams on all the ESL's around the world in all the games.


    I'm from Brazil and the average internet speed here is 20mb/s. In big cities like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro you can easily find people with Optic Fiber 100mb/s + connection.


    NCsoft, give it a try, make an Alpha server here to test and see how it goes. There's more than 8 countries FULL of players to get into the south american server. I dare to say it gonna have more players than NA, not exagerating and not dreaming. You have no idea how many players south america has.

    Most people have average internet (15~20mb/s) and average computer (i5+gtx560) more than enough to run BnS with good quality.


    You don't have to re-do the voice acting, just translate the subtitles. The issue is: Brazil speaks portuguese while all the other south american countries speaks Spanish.

    But we brazilians are very used to never have a translation and yet our gaming market is IMENSELLY BIG. 

    Make the Alpha server with english only, we don't care, because we want a better gameplay where only a LOW PING allows it. Then later on you add the translation to subtitles and we're done.



    You have a point, yes. But if we look at the big gaming market in south america we ask why Brazil has a server for every big game out there. LoL, Dota2, CS GO, WoW and many others. Why? Because those companies saw how many players they could have and it was worth the investment, you see south america teams in every single ESL around the world.

    I think Australia is more likely to have a server because of main language, NCSoft wouldn't have to translate anything. But they have less players than south america.


    Oh yea im sure they are aware of that but they either 1 dont care or 2 they just dont have the resources or dont want to. As i said how are they gonna open up a 3rd server when both servers have issues and EU is constantly crashing? Im in NA and i get like anywhere from 200-400 ping open world and arena and im in NA yes im far away from the servers but still my ping shouldent be NEARLY that high. EU seen ppl there have like 100-200 ping some people live in the same city as the servers and they get like 200 ping. To answer ur question on why those other games have it and bns dosnt is cause 1 bns is originally in KR (idk bout others) 2 those are wayyyyy better managed and they actually CARE about their players and 3 they have a lot more publicity and resources available. Your points are very valid and they didnt give us a reason to why there is no server for u or why there are so many ingame issues so basically they dont care which is the same for all the other problems for the game and it sucks cause as u said ping is very important  

  6. Just now, Naekuh said:

    we are not on the KR version...

    we are on the CN version... 


    I wish we were on the KR version because SLI actually works on the KR version.  

    So unless u hear of CN BnS getting an update or a new class, don't hold your breath.  

    uhh yea i know were not on those versions.... but we will get them eventually i was asking what those changes were and thoughts on when itll arrive here as in sooner rather then alter or more down the road

  7. 3 minutes ago, Takoyaki said:

    The event is a flop anyways. Zero fps for melee classes, no kill participation credit... For a patch that supposedly brought optimization to the game, I'm having even worse performance now than before...

    Its zero fps for everyone not just melee 

  8. 5 minutes ago, lnvisibleOne said:

    You should be using breeze even if your base rate is slightly lower because there's one thing alot of people on this topic are forgetting: Rage. Rage gives you 100% crit chance and unlocks your strongest animation cancel. If you can get to over 40% crit rate with a crit 1 times ruby the crit damage should win out due to rage being used more or less off cooldown. 

    what is rage? is it an effect of the breeze bracelet? i dont see it on there

  9. 5 hours ago, Phytolacca said:

    Nah you're thinking wrong. If both players play perfectly, and one loses, that means the class's kit is better. 

    Same goes for Assassn vs Kfm, the sin has an overwhelming advantage

    Imbalance. Idk how you are going to disagree with me and agree with me all in the same post.. great job man.

    Also I would appreciate if you didn't assume im "raging" just because i was stating a fact just to make yourself feel better.

    Tell me when u wanna continue the discussion rather then rage and insult me

  10. 6 minutes ago, Unicorns said:

    ok, thanks, but im not THAT dumb (maybe?) 
    I mean the circle on top of the outfit picture 


    I think it means ineed more achievement points , please someone correct me if im wrong.

    ohhhhh whoops sorry that is im prt sure u need more achieve pts or its just there but i think u need the pts

  11. 17 hours ago, Dreegan said:

    Most classes aside from FM to my knowledge can only heal 10% instantly. Soul Fighter is 20%. Just off of one ability. On a 45 second CD that also can be specced for other benefits or more healing. Pretty substantial.


    As for Races I believe it's Gon and Yun, but I'm not entirely sure as I'm at work. I'll try to get you more info when I get home 

    Summoners can heal 20% instantly from cat bds can heal i think like 5-10%? not exactly sure FM can heal either 10% 1 min cd 2% more on 3 resists ea or 30% and 5% more on 3 hits 3min cd  but that blows one of their def skills which they only have 2 of, KFMS can constantly heal while they 3rf u wls (if speced) can heal with rmb constantly. I dont see it being a problem when compared to the other things of other classes. 

  12. 19 hours ago, HUnewearl said:

    I said major tournament, not European community amateurs who have played the game for 2 months apiece.


    Also, I am a diamond Destroyer, and by your post, I don't think you've played Destroyer at all or even bothered to read what their skills are. The only iframes a Destroyer has which are not limited to the animation of the action are T3S2 Typhoon (1 second on CC resist, once per 60-second cooldown) and T4S3 Persistence (5 hits or 5 seconds, 1 minute cooldown). SS = ends when you can move. T4S2 Ram = ends when you land. Searing Strike = ends when you move and does not extend to Scorching Strike, so if you try the followup, you can get CC'd right back out of it. A KFM, however, can actually attack for a full second after Q/E ends (2 per 12 seconds), and upon 3 resists, get 6 seconds of immunity to all attacks that don't penetrate defense and can freely attack for that period. Destroyer cannot spin out of CC; they only have regular tab break and T4 Persistence for a 1-minute stun/daze break if they spec it and lose Fury. Everything else has to be preemptive, like everyone else's defenses. Oh, and that grab? There is now only one class without additional means of escaping grab. Summoner can cat smash you out, FM can detonate knockback, BM and BD have Flock of Blades, KFM has Emit Frost, and Assassin has Lotus of Escape, Warlock's thrall can pull the Destroyer out. That leaves -- you guessed it -- other Destroyers.


    14 hours ago, menacell said:

    Im rank 1 des in eu and des is one of the stronger classes atm due to fort. Just learn how to deal with those classes and you should easily get diamond on both EU and NA server.


  13. 13 minutes ago, HUnewearl said:

    That assumes the Destroyer is using Fury, which it usually is not. Destroyer has quite low damage outside of Fury's burst.


    Yes, a good player can get into Diamond with any class. However, at the highest level of play, Destroyer is hamstrung by its awful neutral game. I don't see anyone winning a major tournament with one any time soon.

    ESL winner few ones back: a des. even w/o fury they can still kill u in seconds fury jus makes it go by so much quicker but thats not the only thing is that they can keep u stunned and wide open to their ani cancels like how kfm can chain stun u in a 3rf des can do the same except its a lot easier to do+ no one even mentioned how they can act out of iframes + they can spin out of CC and that grab they have. Again look up some diamond deses seee how they play yes des has lower dmg outside of anything else but thats offset by their incredibly high dmg in short time with the ani cancels, also remember u dont need crazy high dmg to win an arena match

  14. Is this even still a discussion? for the love of all every FMs sanity out there unspec auto detonate increase ur dps a bit and dont *cricket* other ppl off. I dont know why that was even implemented into the game when the stacks are shared between all players. blaze beam no matter what will always do more dmg this is liek the ice rain blaze beam discussion blaze beam will ALWAYS under every circumstance do more dmg. I say this all the time and ill say it again im not gonna tell u how to play the game but I can recommend some things, i dont tell u how to build or scold u for using a certain one...just dont mess up anyone elses with urs.


    Every pt i get into if there is 1 or more fms i say"no auto detonate" if i see 1 ember stack disappear to that i will leave the pt dont bother explaining or nagging them anymore cause most of the time they dont listen.

    Ive heard of a patch in KR that made blaze palm burn for 6s but i dont think thats even accurate if it is auto detonate all the way (maybe) but for now TAKE IT OFF (would love more info on this if its true) 

  15. 7 minutes ago, Dreegan said:

    Don't know when, but they teased it in game already. Look at class requirements for Gauntlets.


    In PvP they're boob stompers. But very reliant on good stance swapping as they don't have much in the way of defense aside from their 20% instant heal which people will complain about.


    Their burst options are limited. But their sustained damage seems pretty unreal. And as far as I know their animation cancel is easier than most melees aside from Stealth Sin.

    Other classes have 20% heal or close to it no one complains about it if they do then theyre crying. From what ive seen in kr its not top tier by any means but not bottom tier either. will be interesting to see how it performs in arena.

    Also quick question, what races is it available for gon and yun? i assume those cause both those classes have both kfm and fm available to them which is basically what chi master is 

  16. 3 minutes ago, Phytolacca said:

    You shouldn't describe balance like that, instead you should do it  like this. If a kfm vs a dest, and BOTH players play PERFECTLY the kfm will win EVERY time. THAT is what imbalance is. Not praying your enemy makes a mistake and capitalizing on that, because any class can win like that.

    Define perfectly cause if one person plays perfectly that means the other didnt. That is not what imbalance is completely, imbalance is when something is so much better then something else which makes it unfair. The pvp system is extremely unbalanced no matter how u twist it and itll stay that way, why its so apparent is the fact that its VERY unforgiving make one mistake and ur taking 60% hp or even dying, Imbalance was summoner before 50 where even if u outplayed the summoner in EVERY WAY they would still win. Matchups are imbalanced FM vs BM BM always wins no matter what unless the BM is terrible WL vs Des WL wins 100% unless they play like shite however that doesnt mean u should jus afk cause u can still win. If u have have the skills and the knowledge u can still win its just incredibly more difficult then it should be. Making a rage post wont do anything other then waste a few secs of ur time, actually trying to get better will

  17. des is top dps in pvp it can literally kill u in roughly 2-3 secs if u make 1 mistake against it. Kfm is similar but des kills quickest. If ur in gold u should be able to kill anyone with fury ani cancel in seconds. If u  cant make it out of gold then im sorry its just ur bad not gonna sugarcoat it, I suggest u look up endah or bison  they are diamond deses  and prt good study their play. Instead of cussing out and raging why dont u u learn the pvp system? arena is not easy its very unforgiving  so if u cant deal with that and pvp is ur main focus i suggest u find another game