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  1. 1 minute ago, TheTemplar said:

    I don't understand you guys. 5 minutes of research online would have told you Mushin and Jiwan were the most popular servers in NA. I'm from EU, and I knew that!


    On top of that, this happens on almost every mmo launch I've heard about recently, heck, it even happens on just general online multiplayer games now.


    Also, the recommended under populated servers were visual as you logged in right at the beginning on the same screen as the create your character.


    Look, I feel for you guys, as waiting hours on end for queues is not, and never will be, fun. However, everyone who appears to be complaining here are the same people who made an account on either Mushin or Jiwan, which as I pointed out if you looked online for a bit, you'd have found out they are the most popular servers.


    I'm not trying to white knight for BnS, as every MMO creators should start to at least get a bit better at working out numbers or launch, but come on guys. Didn't you see this coming?

    The annoying thing is (at least for me) I was on mushin on head start when i found out about the long que times i moved to Jiwan which was dead... now Jiwan is even more popular then Mushin was and i dont wanna re make my char AGAIN. However looking at the bright side at least when i wanna make a new char i know which servers not to choose

  2. 5 minutes ago, Freyar said:


    The part where your expectations are unreasonable for anyone. EVERY MMO out there has had this problem. Every. Single. One. This isn't new, this isn't magic, this isn't because Blade and Soul is "teh bestest ever". Queues are inevitable when people want to jump on something that there just isn't enough capacity or supply. Knowing your true peak usage is impossible before it happens, and you don't put in capacity for peak, that's how you end up with mergers later which is a huge mess and looks like failure.


    No. Sorry. You have no idea how this works.


    I've waited on Mushin. Took me four hours.

    My expectations unreasonable? a bigger server is not unreasonable in this case it is desperately NEEDED. Also dont spread false info not every single MMO out there had this issue ive played some beofre that didnt. Yes u dont know ur capacity but u at least have an IDEA which then u make PREPARATIONS for it which was not done/ Not enough was done here so either ur delusional or fine with getting krap which i am not . So i am sorry YOU have no idea how this works.


    P.S i said quote

  3. 1 minute ago, Alceaf said:

    In the first place why is there One Mega server, there should be at least 2 or 3 or just increase the size of the one server. God I really want to play.

    TBH they all should be mega servers in regard to capacity

  4. 4 minutes ago, Freyar said:


    So you're saying you're just selfish and that you don't understand how the world as a whole works?

    Please quote me where i said that, if that was an insult attempt sorry but you've failed. I dont understand how me not caring about the game company that makes the game makes me selfish all i care about is playing the game as every other player here does nor do i know how stating a point on a game makes me uneducated onhow the world works...

  5. 11 minutes ago, Showta said:

    All I see here is never ending babbie tears.

    Every MMO launch I've joined had intense queue hours during the first week. That's how it is. Nothing can change it. Even if you buy some fancy pack to get ahead, nothing will go perfectly within that first week. Crying about long queues is stupid not only because it's unreasonable, but it's backwards logic. You're supposed to be thrilled that the game is this big of a hit that thousands of people are all trying to get in at once. That's a good sign, there's strong interest which can mean greater things in terms of what we get in the future.


    Will all of those thousands stay? Of course not. and that's when queues will disappear.

    but until then, until all the hype and buzz dies out this game is going to be completely overcrowded.

    If you're really that hurt about not being able to get in exactly when you want to, then change servers. You don't have to pick the most popular one, you're forcing that on yourself. Even if its because you want to be with friends/guild members it's still you who's making that choice, not NCSoft. NC is doing their hardest to even things out and it seems like no matter what choice they make, a lot of you here still throw hissy fits like you're 2 years old.


    It's either let everyone pick their own server causing everyone to continue flocking to most popular ones with every excuse in the book as to why they should making queue times even LONGER, or, lock the popular ones to force people into piling into the emptier ones like they should be doing in the first place that way they don't face queues and people already in popular servers don't face queues either. Or at least, as BAD of queues. However bad you think this is now would be 10,000 times worse had they continued letting everyone in easily because no one wants to pick a "dead server" which is only dead because they refuse to use it in the first place.


    It's not that hard to understand, dang.

    Yes but for one idc how the came is doing as long as i get to play it i dont care how big it is or how much it makes and queing in a server is not playing it, also the fact is it is huge witch NC shoulda made preperations for the capacity of players

  6. 30 minutes ago, Freyar said:

    OP is mad because he's playing on full servers and wonders why he has to wait to get in.

    Dont show ur ignorance, all the servers are full. i know this cause i have 2 characters 1 in mushin but the que took wayy to long so i went to jiwan now turns out jiwan is more populated then mushin and i have friends in other servers both prem and non prem and they are still waiting in ques. 

  7. 2 minutes ago, Slirith said:

    Founders should have permanent queue priority regardless of which founder pack you bought

    ^ this yet founders dont rlly get sht other then a few items and premium for a bit 


    3 minutes ago, Zarozian said:

    There's about 5090 people in queue for Jiwan server.... :>


    If anyone just wanted to know..... ;>

    yea this is why i moved to jiwan form mushin now its other way around.... 

  8. 3 minutes ago, Sassychan said:


    Yeah, you're whining like BnS is your first MMO. Bugs/queues/server problems ect. have a 100% chance of happening at a MMO launch. There is no such thing as a perfect launch in the MMO world.

     There isnt a 100% chance to happen if thats the case every single mmo would be broken at launch which i have played some before which didnt have this. This game was HUGE launch and NC didnt make preparations/ enough preps to fit the need basically all were getting as a response is " buy premium" which is honestly BS they shoulda improved capacity ten fold at least. Yes there is no perfect launch commonly for any game however knowing the hype and not making preparations is unacceptable  

  9. Hey all ive encountered of what i think is a bug or some control that i am unaware of. Basically my character gets locked movement in 1 direction, like if u look one way and move around without moving the camera ; the character is stuck looking 1 way yet the camera is fine.


    ^sorry if was unclear


    Help appreciated ]


    Edit: also the camera mob targeting is off so when i look at a mob it does not target it: targeting seems to be in front of the character