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  1. 17 minutes ago, Zedonia said:

    Well, to get accurate facts you must test it at the dummy for a while. ;D


    At the moment I just can you give one fact. Recently I tested the damage of LMB. The dummy has burned. My stats are 502 AP and 211% cdmg. I checked only crits and burn spec dealed up to 1000 damage more per hit. I'm not sure how often you can use that exactly but I think every second. So you can think of maybe around 20.000-30.000 damage more from LMB within 30 seconds. This has to be compared with:

    - dmg loss while using fire fury

    -dmg increase from dragon blaze compared with blazing beam

    - reduced cd for meteor (of course only important for fights longer than 20-25 seconds)


    I can't really give you more Information because I haven't tested it more, yet. To get the dmg buff from dragon blaze you don't have to use firy fury very often so the dmg loss might not be so high. So the only things to compare is the dmg of Dragon blaze compared with blazing beam and the additional dmg from meteor which depends on your crits and how often you can use dragon blaze.

    Yea the tooltip for it says its about 1k or so increase but also forgot to mention wanna see how it compares with the BB HM when it comes out the -1s CD on BB crit, overall i still kinda think the orbits are better but at the same time with ele gear+burnLB im thinking itll outdmg Drags but its the dragonblaze buff thats still complicating things im not sure what the boosts are for ele gears and if they make the boost from it negligible or if they make it so it makes a little difference so i guess well have to see

  2. 5 minutes ago, Zedonia said:

    I think with the hongmoon skill the burn option will be better because it's a huge dmg boost for your no cost skill. If you don't have it, I prefer using the orbs. dragonblaze deals more damage than blazing beam and has no costs + it reduces cd of Meteor. Also, as you said, you are able to use double dragons without using fire fury.


    I'm not sure what Version (without hongmoon skill) is better and I don't think the damage will differ a lot. It depends mostly on the player. With orb you have to use more skills while you don#t have to care about that with the burn version.

    I know dragonblaze does more dmg but the main reason for using it is the dmg boost FOR blazing beam as well as meteor inferno etc. but what i wanna know is the dmg worth it? Ive heard someone say burn is better but dont wanna use da godforsaken fire fury also considering ele dmg accs which well get soon maybe that case burn will be better? this is why im so torn lol

  3. So im torn on either burn dmg or orbit stacks from HM LB cause with da dmg ur LMB hits REALLY hard but with orbits u get orbit stacks duel drags and dragon blaze ive heard the burn one is better but im still torn cause the dmg increase it gets is pretty ridiculous but at the same time the dmg boost from dragonblaze and AOE and dmg of duel drags gets sacked. Yes i know fire fury but i NEVER wanna use dat useless skill. Any insight? Any idea what they use in KR? Wanting to test it myself but dont have HM lb

    Replies appreciated  

  4. At lower lvls in unorganized pts most of the time ull get aggro Even in yeti i still get aggro. Things i use are q e AMAzing tools however dont rely on them use em as sort of a backup u should be kiting, there are certain ways to kite where u cant get hit against most mobs which u can use its basically circle around da boss and dont be afraid to turn away while still atting, I sometimes use my ice tab to give everyone a good few s to wail on da boss, Most of the time the BM and KFM should have aggro but lower lvls they usually dont 

  5. 22 minutes ago, Kalitas said:

    stop proveking me and say your opinion. İ have my experience too and i shared my thought on pvp. So stop insult kid and say what is in your mind about pvp. 


    First off what u kinda said was only on ur own experience not everyone's and not from KR, also u shouldent be addressing this to NC they have nothing to do with content they are a publishing company (prt sure correct if wrong) they  can only make minor adjustments here and there but stuff like class balances need to be implemented not just here but in KR and every other version. TBH most of what u said is very swayed Ex. BDs op nerf, sorry no they are not OP Des spin 2 win if u spin 2 win and against a diamond lvl player thats setting urself up to get destroyed, summoners OP they were now they are not. I suggest u tune into high lvl players streams or even imp tourn going on today youll see for the most part its very balanced, what IS true is the class matchups (FM vs BM WL vs Des KFM vs Sin) THAT is whats stupid which u didnt mention which IS one of the most unbalanced parts of this pvp system. 

    2 minutes ago, LiquidRev said:

    Thank god you're ignorant and cant contribute to much in defense of this broken balanced game. 


    It is dying as a result of *cricket* poor balance in pvp, not addressing the bots quick enough. My entire clan of 45 have left and gone elsewhere.

    And I know we were not alone. 

    GG NCSOFT and GG Fanboy 

    So is it broken or balanced? u dont clarify this game is somewhat balanced but there are some mechanics that are stupid like the stunlock 3rf/cancel combo things like THAT are stupid but overall if u lose its entirely ur fault OP kinda had a bias opinion, also u say cant contribute much to the discussion....What are you adding other then raging in this post?

  6. 7 hours ago, Lunaria said:

    Yeah, chi bomb is great for PvP where as mutiple blaze is great for PvE :)

    TBH they both really suck for PvP. Chi bomb is completely useless 5s standing still sacking ur grip and can be blocked and evaded. Blaze can be useful but its extremely situational sso unless u can set it up well then id rather not in 1v1 3v3 maybe sure also chi bomb to do the frost sheath combo not only r u sacking ur grip but ur frost sheath as well


    1 hour ago, Yamyatos said:

    Seriously? So.. let me get this straight.. one skill will increase FM dps like by an insane amount, while they are still #1 or #2 dps right now, while other classes dont get anything comparably? Holy shit.. i mean.. srsly O_O 


    This just made me really sad. I mean.. i dont know how it scales and which weapon was used, but considering 55% crit with 210% crit damage and the 50k skill damage seen in the video we are talking about 50.000+50.000*0,55*2,1 = 108k aoe damage over a few seconds and useable once per phantom grip cooldown? Thats.. quite insane, not to mention that they can even use other skills while this one does it's damage o.o

    Dont like it u can reroll fm or play another game

  7. 14 minutes ago, Fatalito said:

    I don't know firsthand what naming and shaming would do in a forum. Prety much everyone does it nowadays. But if it creates the same flames as good bye threads (which I know are banned in other forums), then these are best indeed shoved under a rug. Now I'm not white knighting (or I really hope I'm not), but naming and shaming, if left unchecked, can lead to quite a good deal of false accusations from people just wanting to harm others. Sure, some will say that a proper hacker named and shamed is different from a person vs person scuffle, but as many companies do, it's much easier for a company, mostly if understaffed in the security and moderation categories, to put the lid on it all and simply disallow even the minimum name/shame practices. Yes, we know the game does have a LOT of glaring issues that many posters here find more important than maintaining the forums, but if the company can't even keep the forums straight, might as well close up shop, end all their games, and disband as a company, because that would be the lowest of low.

    The issue that is not the name and shame, why i made this was to point out they are just taking down the entire thread and not editing it or removing or even commenting on it just completely removing it without a trace or any sort of acknowledgement which is pathetic 

  8. 2 minutes ago, PhoenixMitra said:



    Thank you for asking. We are taking those down and ask the posters to report those incidents to our Support team instead.


    This allows us to follow up on them appropriately without name shaming anybody, which is against the Blade & Soul forum’s Code of Conduct.


    Team Blade & Soul


    You know what else is against the Code of Conduct? Hacking

  9. Everytime i see a video of a hacker in pvp or something of the like i see the tread get instantly taken down. No comment. No acknowledgement Nothing. Is this what they are doing now? They know theyre being called out so they just kick it under a rug? Its already obvious they dont care but seriously this is pathetic 

  10. 2 hours ago, PhiKing said:

    It's simple as this, if it's meant to be competitive PvP it DOESN'T make sense to lock HM skills and have characters with higher HM levels have a huge advantage. That's not competitive PvP, that's a mix of PvE and PvP.


    For a game trying to gain attention in Esports, it simply doesn't make sense to have an arena system not based on skill, but based on whoever has the most skill points and HM skills unlocked. And no, you can not efficiently farm enough soul stones to buy your HM skills, and you shouldn't have to for an arena system that is supposed to be based on skill i.e a ladder system. 

    Its based on skill for the most part HM skills are really just a boost. There are some which are extremely crucial that make or break some classes however with or without those skills some things will stay the same such as kfm 3rf and des ani cancel no matter what skills u have if u get into that ur dead. The pvp system is all over the place imo some classes make 1 mistake against em ur dead while others make tons of mistakes and ur fine, its really just a very difficult and unforgiving system. Ping is a huge factor in pvp which yea it is in any competitive scene but im mentioning it because everyone's ping is way higher then it should be cause of NC not giving a flying fk, they also made it very obvious thats really all their aiming for is to make this an esport they do not care about anything else. Proof? Rushed content poor optimization strange patch release orders not dealing with core issues such as bots and win trading using gameguard when its doing more harm then good. Overall NC doesnt care which they made it obvious they just want to make it an esport and nothing else matters to them. Also this isnt solely a pvp game it does have a competitive pvp scene which is great but ppl say its a pvp game: its not. Hm skills from vendors is nice but u still have to grind ur butt off for them which i really dont agree with grinding for 3 months to get a skill that i dont belive in although i understand its more of a long term thing but thats a little too much, its not grinding its more of controlled grinding if u will.


    TLDR HM skills arnt everything but are very very helpful in arena, the grinding being somewhat reasonable in some cases but just plain stupid in some other cases

  11. Adding an rng box is stupid sorry but it is. NC cant and wont do anything about it its new so its gonna be pricy future content will drop more thus making them go down also inflation will happen thus making them somewhat easier to get. Just cause they anoying to get now dosent mean they will stay like dis 

  12. I use Northern critical ones that drop from Gabiyung in shiverstone range they give a decent amount of crit. If ur willing to spend the $$$ on completely maxing it then u want to use crafted artisanal silverfost ones but its only if ur willing to spend that much on dem i use northern cause they cheap and have a decent effect

  13. the only really useful ones we have right now are prob impact one T5S3 and inferno T5S1 and 2. LB is kinda eh for pvp kinda optional in pve dosent make a big diff really at all and its debatable whether the points are worth it. Almost all FM hms are kinda meh for pve, there are some that are prt good for pvp but most of em are kinda mediocre. The big skills are gonna be chibomb/multiple blaze 

  14. 1 hour ago, Voikukka said:

    It happens atleast with T3F2 veil (the moving one) and it happens as long as you have the veil up. So its 15 seconds for sins and kfms to get free resists and counters. I dont even use it anymore against kfm since its not that important.

    wdfffffffff that cant be intended 

  15. yea ive had a sht ton of rating take rating off from me per loss like 30-40 per and get like 5 per win its stupid. Apparently there is a cap of max 30 can be taken away which is complete bs cause its not the case either something went screwy or it was some weird unannounced change

  16. 1 hour ago, mihwK said:

    The problem is, grinding out the very expensive items gives you the power to upgrade your gear and still have thousands of gold left.

    It shortens the amount of grinding you have to do so massively. Just think about the merry potters in silverfrost in the beginning.


    I missed out on the entire first week where ppl craftet stuff for like 5g and sold it for 500-700g. You do this a couple days and your set. No more crazy grinds, no more halts in the progression of your character. No more unfair PvP in this "esport" game where others have better skills than you either bcause it dropped for them or they bought it for the 500g+ players sell them for.


    Also with that kind of gold you can gear your alts, and pretty much have more than 1 highly geared class without feeling like "shit, all this gold should be invested into my main class".


    Yeah you can farm all those mats, but you have to see it for what it is. Even if you farm them for your alts, these are mats you are NOT SELLING. Other MMO's did this right and I realize that in this game. You should not be able to buy your gear, period.


    Every item you farm is still gold in this game. If you aren't selling them it's as if you are buying them... I'm kinda growing into loving WoW again, if I want to gear an Alt there I don't feel like I'm wasting anything for my main. The only thing I lose for my main is time investment, that I'm fine with. BnS is literally putting me off playing my alts, it just feels bad playing them.

    Yea BnS is VERY alt unfriendly and its rushing out updates dosent help either with the prices. Its awesome that were getting new stuff really fast but in a mmo its a tab bit tooo fast which is kinda obvious they are rushing to catch up to KR showing they dont really care to much about anything but making it an esport

  17. 1 minute ago, Zuzu said:

    With certain speculations it will give people false hope/make them prepare for something that they think is coming.

    Look at the weather channel on TV.

    Weather man says it's going to rain on the weekend when it's on Wednesday. People prepare by not planning anything or the weekend. Saturday and Sunday comes, clear skies, sunny weather.

    A simple "This update may come on 'x' day" can easily make people rush or begin to hope for it then simply destroyed due to the lack of anything happening.

    Well BnS isnt a weather channel so

    This is my guess nothing to do with others. If they take it that way thats their fault not mine, if they are gonna jump to believe something uncertain this thread is probably the last thing that will push them to believe it. Im not a part of NC staff if i was then yes that would be valid but im not im a player making my speculations.

    3 minutes ago, mihwK said:

    I guess fusing your shields or doing anything beside hoarding gold is plain wasting gold since it's obsolete so fast.


    That's right when DS3 comes out, can't they wait a week longer so we can finish DS3 without falling behind...

    Yea it kinda is that way on how they are rushing out content although they may give ppl a little more time because this was a big update but the way they been rushing conctent out i dont think its gonna happen. Also while were out playing DS3 new contents gonna be out so we dont waste our time grinding out gear thats gonna be obsolete in a few weeks :3 (optimism) 

  18. 8 minutes ago, Saksoy said:

    Any idea whats on next update 

    nope i dont maybe someone more familiar can give insight.


    36 minutes ago, Zuzu said:

    No point in trying to estimate when the next patch will be.

    You're just going to give people false hope and more fuel to be mad when it actually doesn't come.

    Im not trying to give anyone any sort of hope its just my speculation based on what has happened before.