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  1. I am also curious idk if the stats are different or if its in terms of convenience of the mats available
  2. Weapon Progression Guide

    So u can choose to upgrade directly to new one or stay on same? Will mats be new ones or will they still use MTS and such for old path? Also what is the point of choosing are the stats different? is it like u can do normal path up to true pirate and then go to new? Thanks for the info im glad of this change
  3. Time to get on those bots, NCSoft.

    Isnt itt always time to deal with the bots? anyway ive totaly stopped doing the bot filled dungs mainly cause i dont need them and because of the bots yea but suprisingly i havent run into many mabye i stopped needing them by the time thye rolled in idk
  4. Yea i know jus stating that ALL classes are supposedly balanced from what is apparent
  5. NC Hurry the hell up

    there already is isnt there? There are some with separate GCDs which allow animation canceling but macros in general are bannable if bounded to a sequence . As a matter of fact NC apparently can detect macros but they cant detect hacks?
  6. NC Hurry the hell up

    Well u see its not as simple as that because this summ has 0 CD and INFINITE FOCUS. This isnt to show my skills nor tech how to play against summ i already know how to beat it its the fact to show how the bot situation has come to and to hopefully (yet doubtfully) push NC to roll out the fixes they are "working on." you only need a bit of a brain to realize that dont insult me P.S. I already killed the cat
  7. I will give u the truth. BNS pvp RIGHT NOW is unbalanced certain matchups are very one sided (sin vs. fm BM vs summ) which makes it hard and its kinda all over the place. In 2 days itll be balanced. The thing that still stands is this: BNS pvp is very unforgiving, make 1 mistake u get stunlocked comboed like 60% hp or even die most of the time at the top ladder. Another thing its very ping based if u have very bad ping u wont be able to do as well as others and itll be much harder to win certain matches. Tips i can give are know ur class ins and outs, know other classes well if u plan to go high know then like the back of ur hand and what certain moves do and the tendencies that they have. Learn from being beat dont rage like half the ppl on this forum. cause most of the time if they lose its their fault (barring bots). Practice makes perfect theres a lotta pros u can ask for help with
  8. New 50 lvl big update

    Yea i dont see the point in changing it either unless they want to make it more of a progression with the new lvls cause it kinda jus abruptly ends at 45 when u have a lot of weapon upgrades to do and maybe theyre stronger? i dont know im not familier. Either way it woulda been fine if they said "hey weapons changing try to get them upgraded within 2 weeks" if they cared but they dont which is why they just said " hey 2 days update" I mean dont get me wrong i love that contents coming fast but when there is so many broken things ingame and they show 0 care about its a problem
  9. New 50 lvl big update

    Well i doubt ull be wanting to do content 1 year from now with just pirate so there actually is a very good reason to change it to get stronger and be actually able to complete the content no? The bs part is how it was short notice like they say "coming spring" then next day they say "launches in 2 days" like wdf??? this proves that they are just rushing to get caught up so they can make it an esport when there is so many broken things needed to be fixed. Truth is the dont care
  10. Lv 50 patch in 2 days. It is supposedly balanced
  11. Upgrading: Weapons vs Elements

    i always get blue weapons from chests from dailies and slav then to use elements. Im assuming ur talking about purple weapons to elements which im 90% sure elements is better. Havent tested or anything but I think its safe to safe they are better cause purple weapons do require soulstones too and the cost:progress is prt sure much much better for elements
  12. So ever since update my display drivers have been constantly crashing thus crashing the game. I have AMD m290x crossfire and yes my drivers are up to date but usually it dosent crash da game like dat
  13. yea im gonna take a shot and say mid-late april. All they said was spring
  14. AFK in arena

    During one livestream cant remember look at vods on their channel
  15. AFK in arena

    They said themselves it is bannable so yes it is
  16. AFK in arena

    afking in a dung is considered bannable this is no different
  17. Warlock weapon doesn't drop

    You may wanna think of buying a brilliant key...
  18. Macro Finalize

    Yea the clicking ive noticed was delayed so i switched my lmb to r and my 1 ro rmb and now i can fire off lb, rb and 2 in like under a sec constantly but binding both of them to 1 button is bannable
  19. AFK in arena

    Even if they do release anything people will still do it cause nc are really terrible at handling issues like these, What i do is join a custom party that ppl recruit for then ull get easy wins
  20. Best classes at lv50?

    ^ yea this. From what ive seen and heard bns actually does a prt good job at balancing classes in both pvp and pve although yes there will always be a few that will stand out. Apparently from what ive heard from kr and jus hunting around good classes in pvp are apparently des kfm and i think BD? and in pve i think its fm summ des maybe kfm too. Again this is what ive heard and what im inferring
  21. What will be the best soulshields accessories /bracelet souls etc. with silverfrost i assume its gonna be from the 2 either 24 man or 4/6 man versions but i wanna know things like bis SS and top soul(if theres a new 1) and bracelet Replies appreciated