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  1. Agreed 100% although i doubt itll happen which sucks Yea it sucks cause its one of the dailies that gives lots of xp
  2. 23rd HM skills

    Well good points, jus gotta wait on achive vendor now...
  3. ERm my post isnt incorrect its asking a question unless ur talking about your own then ill add one too: When will we be getting legendary skills?
  4. New expansion, more dailys

    Where even are the dalies and the 24 man dungs actually? i cant find em unless its grab harvest square is one of them cause if thats it then wdd. I think beast bog i sone and frostscale basin is the other? i went there but saw no dailies
  5. Whens the next update planned?
  6. Soooo what now?

    After finishing main quests which are the best dailies to do? i dont think i wanna run yeti yet cause dont have top notch gear but what else other then daily grinding to lv 50 hm 10?
  7. Apparently now sins counter FM now according to Jaesung ( pro over on KR server) still idk about it but das what he said. Anyway its basically des bd and fm(maybe) Basically try to stay in stealth if u do most attacks cant hit u and u get acess to most of ur skills
  8. ch.33 silverfrost

    Lol asking same thing i think its last one for now cause they said its only part of the act were getting
  9. Fail on NCs part yet again?
  10. Ive posted a vid about this alrd my friend told me they only resist when in melee range and ive tried it and it does indeed work. Dunno how u deal with that on a melee class cause im an fm but yea send in a ticket
  11. Custom cast priority?

    Dont u think itll be nice to be able to set cast priority of certain skills on the same button? Example me as a fm wanted to cast duel dragons or dragonblaze bound to F however if the target is knocked down windstorm has the higher priority then both of them which makes it so they have to get up before i can use them. DOnt u think their should be a setting in k or in options to let us set priority for each skill? Dont think KR has it so the chances of it coming here are very slim but dont ya think itll be nice?
  12. so class balance?

    FM was untouched in this patch
  13. If ur doing ur jobs show it this is unacceptable the pvp ladder was riddled with bots yes and that in itself is a big nono. Before bots were beatable they just had an unfair advantage, this however shows that now they getting to the point where they are literally undefeatable which screws up the ladder more then it already is. If ur "working on it" rather then making tshirts put the money ur players are paying where ur freakin mouth is and get on it rather then giving us new costumes. How can u detect macros but not detect bots? How do you fail so hard?
  14. Achievement merchant disable

    Lots of ppl are asking that with the bot situation. Although cmon this update did come out pretty darn quick. I think the reason is which is what lots of others said is they are rushing out updates to catch up with KR which is prob the reason of it but really its only minor things here and there so its not the end of the world
  15. Achievement merchant disable

    Well as long as it comes back soon its not an issue tbh glad they are actually addressing some issues rather then just sticking them in there and saying "deal with it" Should be happy no? yes it sucs wont be there but itll come back
  16. is destroyer spin spam op ?

    The part about des that i would expect ppl to complain about is the ani cancel to death in 3s along with kfm which u cant make mistakes against or else that happens thats the only complain i have. Oh and theres the acting while still in iframe that imo is prt stupid
  17. Soul Fighter?

    DOnt think its for another lil bit although nc have been pumping updates so who knows it could be a month or 2 from now. Dont know on the specific patch soz
  18. Just fought 2 hacker sommoner

    Well it isnt really new lol and the hacks are no focus cost (or infinite focus) no CD and turn in CC. I dont report the bots cause i feel as its not even doing anything so its not worth my effort. I see the same exact bots on the ladder for days and it feels as if there isnt anything being done about them nor showing any care to how big of a problem they are
  19. Just fought 2 hacker sommoner

    Technically theyre not players there bots, is it against the tos if they are not actually players? Ive learned today (already made a post) that they infa reset if ur in melee range which tbh is really really hard for every melee class to beat em. Mabye if u let their cat att u they wont use seed shroud?Im a FM so its not really a problem for me cause i step away but yea this seriously needs to be fixed ASAP
  20. let em wait a week for the notes then cause i like all the bots ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  21. The way its unbalanced is the way that its VERY unforgiving make one mistake ur dead. However thats only a few classes. How i think its unbalanced is the way u can outplay someone a lot but u make one mistake against a kfm and u get 3rfed 100-0 or against a des who furies then either red spins or ani cancs u dead in like 3s. Kfm and des are the only classes that can kill as quick as they do same thing if u made that same mistake against a FM or a BM sure ull get punished but not nearly as harshly that wont change no matter what. However u can still beat other classes it just takes more skill. Another issue is ping high ping makes u play witha disadvantage which k its in all games yea but the ping as bad as it is on arena and jus bns in general its prt bad(i play with 250+) so all those tied together makes it a SUPER steep learning curve to anyone who just wants to hop on and do some pvp bns pvp system dosent work like that, u gotta dedicate time and have to have the skills to beat others.
  22. NC Hurry the hell up

    Well if he spoke then hes prob not a bot also he prob had cds des spin has a 1s cd and their grab has like a 6s cd? anyway he was prob killing for the daily or jus felt like it. Also open world pvp is kinda eh this is more focused on arena pvp which is FLOODED with bots
  23. NC Hurry the hell up

    yea no cooldowns are bots usually summoners however as i said ive beat them easily before its just the rare occasion that this happens which i honestly dont know why its still not fixed
  24. NC Hurry the hell up

    As u see thats what i did in the vid i killed that cat asap which is what i usually do then kill the summ which is ez HOWEVER in that vid u can see the summoner was IMMUNE to dmg cause of seed shroud and i couldent run away cause of slow if i tried i woulda died. Normally yea they easy to counter until they do this
  25. Anyone know the BIS SS for silverfrost update? ive read a sheet and looks like all combinations look relatively the same also will we be getting silverfrost soul? if so what are the stats of it? Replies appreciated