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  1. Sooooo about the lv 49 bottleneck

    Yea i get what ya mean they only drop in 1ns (that ive seen) and u need 100s to upgrade ur wep which is a very very long grind
  2. Sooooo about the lv 49 bottleneck

    Lol that sort of contradicts itself, but im not complaining either it jus makes me curious
  3. Sooooo about the lv 49 bottleneck

    Yea i mean its not like OMGWDFFKNCRAA but its just kinda odd how u progress smoothly form 45-49 then then at 49 its kinda an abrupt stop so it kinda seems strange HM lvls rae a diff story they supposed to suck to lvl so yea. P.S. i jus hit 50 while writing this :3
  4. Sooooo about the lv 49 bottleneck

    lol they are rushing content. Isnt it obvious when they said "well let u know more about the update in the next few weeks" then the next day they said " silverfrost comes out in 2 days!"
  5. Sooooo about the lv 49 bottleneck

    ahhh true true completely forgot about that, i guess the question now would be why did NC decide to give us half the story instead of the full one if they are rushing out updates
  6. Lv45 & lv50 Split route availability

    yea thats the point right now they are but later on as people progress past it and prices start to stablize. There will be a lot more ppl doing new stuff then old stuff thus making those prices go higher.
  7. Lv45 & lv50 Split route availability

    Long term effect right now new one is expensive because its just the NEW so yes ofc cits gonna be a lot pricier but way down the road i think its more convenience sake
  8. KFM all the way. How come u dont see any/ much of FM solos? its cause they cant really or it is extremely difficult for them to solo cause of lack of def skills. Kfm has a good bit of dps and has a block and some def skills
  9. Anyone else notice but the T3S3 impact has a random parry window? Ive noticed it when mobs are charging me and it dosent state it has a parry window. Note im talking about a PARRY window not block that u may think being specced into the first column.
  10. 23rd HM skills

    So which HM skills are we exactly getting in this update? I know the BSH book are available but are theyre any? WHich ones aare from yeti?
  11. 23rd HM skills

    So we do get both lb and 1? cause and is lb only available through clan crafting?
  12. Add weapon restriction Apwr restriction is stupid cause apwr isnt the sole thing that determines ur usefulness in dungs weapon requirement will somewhat limit the low apwr ppl joining end game dungs. Or u know add vote kick feature. This is only an issue with pug runs. If u dont like ppl with low att pwr joining and costantly have to leave em do a custom pt? its not that hard all u gotta say is ex apwr440+ then ppl join if they dont have that u kick if they do great. Whats the worst is elitism im talking thing ppl who want 480+ for yeti, u dont need 480+ for yeti sure its nice to have but u can clear jus fine in the 450ish range. Ive done a pt where we cleared with lowest AP was 412 rest were like 430 464 (me) 440 and 1 was 505 others were in the 430-460 range and still we cleared just fine
  13. Game crash during intense fights

    Yep same issue here and prt sure lots of others have it aswell. IDK how ur supposed to do any of those huge fights that give u quite significant rewards when the game runs like absolute shite
  14. New type of hacks came out

    They do this is enough, this isnt diamond but i usually nuke down cat and ive found out if ur close to them they permanent resist which im pretty sure they are aware of it cause they constantly tryo to hug u so if u step away for a bit maybe? (im ranged so idk) but yea jus a tip
  15. New costumes today? (march 25th)

    im getting it cause loli maid=bae
  16. 23rd HM skills

    so we get the droppable hm skills +the lb ones?
  17. for dual graphics

    I mean im not super tech savy but i got a radeon gpu and i can run it fine.... maybe update drivers? Kappa
  18. 23rd HM skills

    Is this a thing that exists in this patch or jus just a tease? I know to unlock that skill on other regions u had to go through this whole clan crafting thing but was this just left in or is it actaully a thing?
  19. Silverfrost dailies

    So im kinda lost on which of the dailies are the best ones to do cause there is a lot of em. Im mainly looking for xp and gold and also i would like to know are bsh and supply chain dialies still worth doing? or are the silverfrost ones much more efficient in profit and xp? Replies appreciated
  20. Tried doing it for first time and when last boss ( i assume) was half dead i crashed also it seemed like a lot of other ppl were crashing as well and i was getting like 5-10 fps the whole time. The entire instance is honestly completely stupid how are you supposed to do anything at 5-10 fps with a decent rig? Is that one of the 24 man dungs? if it is then wdf honestly its like blackwyrm all over again except worse
  21. New 24 man dungs?

    Which are they are they frostscale basin and beast bog? cause ive been to both and it seems only beast bog has its own quests frostscale basin didnt have any. Did i miss something? or are those not even the 24 man dungs?
  22. Whats the apwer req?

    So im at about 450ap ish and wondering what the recommended apwer reqs/gear reqs are for the new dungs, also the enrage timer:hp ratio of the bosses. Please no elitism
  23. Whats the apwer req?

    no no no not like that i mean the reasonable apwr requirement to enter u dont wanna enter bsh with 290 apwr forget yeti
  24. I assume they are but since they run on a script fps dosent matter to them i assume