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  2. Never gonna happen ever if NC cant even fix bots which im prt sure they are relying on gameguard to do so they wont remove it
  3. FM LB vs Orbits?

    Yea the tooltip for it says its about 1k or so increase but also forgot to mention wanna see how it compares with the BB HM when it comes out the -1s CD on BB crit, overall i still kinda think the orbits are better but at the same time with ele gear+burnLB im thinking itll outdmg Drags but its the dragonblaze buff thats still complicating things im not sure what the boosts are for ele gears and if they make the boost from it negligible or if they make it so it makes a little difference so i guess well have to see
  4. FM LB vs Orbits?

    I know dragonblaze does more dmg but the main reason for using it is the dmg boost FOR blazing beam as well as meteor inferno etc. but what i wanna know is the dmg worth it? Ive heard someone say burn is better but dont wanna use da godforsaken fire fury also considering ele dmg accs which well get soon maybe that case burn will be better? this is why im so torn lol
  5. Newbie FM - can't drop aggro?

    At lower lvls in unorganized pts most of the time ull get aggro Even in yeti i still get aggro. Things i use are q e AMAzing tools however dont rely on them use em as sort of a backup u should be kiting, there are certain ways to kite where u cant get hit against most mobs which u can use its basically circle around da boss and dont be afraid to turn away while still atting, I sometimes use my ice tab to give everyone a good few s to wail on da boss, Most of the time the BM and KFM should have aggro but lower lvls they usually dont
  6. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    First off what u kinda said was only on ur own experience not everyone's and not from KR, also u shouldent be addressing this to NC they have nothing to do with content they are a publishing company (prt sure correct if wrong) they can only make minor adjustments here and there but stuff like class balances need to be implemented not just here but in KR and every other version. TBH most of what u said is very swayed Ex. BDs op nerf, sorry no they are not OP Des spin 2 win if u spin 2 win and against a diamond lvl player thats setting urself up to get destroyed, summoners OP they were now they are not. I suggest u tune into high lvl players streams or even imp tourn going on today youll see for the most part its very balanced, what IS true is the class matchups (FM vs BM WL vs Des KFM vs Sin) THAT is whats stupid which u didnt mention which IS one of the most unbalanced parts of this pvp system. So is it broken or balanced? u dont clarify this game is somewhat balanced but there are some mechanics that are stupid like the stunlock 3rf/cancel combo things like THAT are stupid but overall if u lose its entirely ur fault OP kinda had a bias opinion, also u say cant contribute much to the discussion....What are you adding other then raging in this post?
  7. TBH they both really suck for PvP. Chi bomb is completely useless 5s standing still sacking ur grip and can be blocked and evaded. Blaze can be useful but its extremely situational sso unless u can set it up well then id rather not in 1v1 3v3 maybe sure also chi bomb to do the frost sheath combo not only r u sacking ur grip but ur frost sheath as well Dont like it u can reroll fm or play another game
  8. Everytime i see a video of a hacker in pvp or something of the like i see the tread get instantly taken down. No comment. No acknowledgement Nothing. Is this what they are doing now? They know theyre being called out so they just kick it under a rug? Its already obvious they dont care but seriously this is pathetic
  9. The issue that is not the name and shame, why i made this was to point out they are just taking down the entire thread and not editing it or removing or even commenting on it just completely removing it without a trace or any sort of acknowledgement which is pathetic
  10. You know what else is against the Code of Conduct? Hacking
  11. Ping Programs

    I want to know the same thing WTFast and pingzapper dont work for me and my ping is stupidly high
  12. HM skills Logic

    Its based on skill for the most part HM skills are really just a boost. There are some which are extremely crucial that make or break some classes however with or without those skills some things will stay the same such as kfm 3rf and des ani cancel no matter what skills u have if u get into that ur dead. The pvp system is all over the place imo some classes make 1 mistake against em ur dead while others make tons of mistakes and ur fine, its really just a very difficult and unforgiving system. Ping is a huge factor in pvp which yea it is in any competitive scene but im mentioning it because everyone's ping is way higher then it should be cause of NC not giving a flying fk, they also made it very obvious thats really all their aiming for is to make this an esport they do not care about anything else. Proof? Rushed content poor optimization strange patch release orders not dealing with core issues such as bots and win trading using gameguard when its doing more harm then good. Overall NC doesnt care which they made it obvious they just want to make it an esport and nothing else matters to them. Also this isnt solely a pvp game it does have a competitive pvp scene which is great but ppl say its a pvp game: its not. Hm skills from vendors is nice but u still have to grind ur butt off for them which i really dont agree with grinding for 3 months to get a skill that i dont belive in although i understand its more of a long term thing but thats a little too much, its not grinding its more of controlled grinding if u will. TLDR HM skills arnt everything but are very very helpful in arena, the grinding being somewhat reasonable in some cases but just plain stupid in some other cases

    Adding an rng box is stupid sorry but it is. NC cant and wont do anything about it its new so its gonna be pricy future content will drop more thus making them go down also inflation will happen thus making them somewhat easier to get. Just cause they anoying to get now dosent mean they will stay like dis
  14. Fusing Soul Stones?

    I use Northern critical ones that drop from Gabiyung in shiverstone range they give a decent amount of crit. If ur willing to spend the $$$ on completely maxing it then u want to use crafted artisanal silverfost ones but its only if ur willing to spend that much on dem i use northern cause they cheap and have a decent effect
  15. Name your favorite forum topic

    anything that isnt a QQ thread trivial complaints or rage and i say its ight
  16. FM Hongmoon Skills

    the only really useful ones we have right now are prob impact one T5S3 and inferno T5S1 and 2. LB is kinda eh for pvp kinda optional in pve dosent make a big diff really at all and its debatable whether the points are worth it. Almost all FM hms are kinda meh for pve, there are some that are prt good for pvp but most of em are kinda mediocre. The big skills are gonna be chibomb/multiple blaze
  17. Divine veil crits

    wdfffffffff that cant be intended
  18. NA servers ive been lagging like an absolute cricket and before u ask no its not my net, been playing other things completely fine and a few days ago it was fine but now its very laggy anyone else experiancing dis? Replies appreciated
  19. servers stupidly laggy lately?

    ahhh gameguard again. Strange ive never had problems with it when it was enabled back then idk y i am now..
  20. Divine veil crits

    Wai wait waaaaaaaaaat. Does this actually happen cause its anoying af if it does. Do u know if its all veils or just one type? Does it only do it on cast or just anytime its up?
  21. How do I unlock the bottom row skills?

    Those are HM skills which most arnt released yet. Only ones for kfm right now are HM block which just got released and one other i think 2 other ones that i cant remember. The rest are unavailable
  22. Rating is bugged out?

    yea ive had a sht ton of rating take rating off from me per loss like 30-40 per and get like 5 per win its stupid. Apparently there is a cap of max 30 can be taken away which is complete bs cause its not the case either something went screwy or it was some weird unannounced change
  23. Accidently Went Oathbreaker

    Its kinda hard to accidentally upgrade ur weapon to a wrong path...
  24. So givin on how they have been releasing updates the next patch is probably on the 13th of April, now this is my estimate it could very well be later. Reason why im guessing this is how they did the silverfrost update: Warlock came out previous patch and they had a leveling event that went to the 23rd of March marking the next patch release. With this update they had no sort of event but they extended the pvp season the april 13th. Now again this is my guess and the evidence isnt as concrete as the wl lvling event but its the only info regarding dates we have. Too soon u might say however remember how they did a livestream showing off the silverfrost update and then release it 2 days later? yea so its not as crazy as u think although they may allow a little more time for people to get more accustomed to it cause it was a big update but im not NC so well have to see
  25. Sooo next updates prob on the 13th

    Yea BnS is VERY alt unfriendly and its rushing out updates dosent help either with the prices. Its awesome that were getting new stuff really fast but in a mmo its a tab bit tooo fast which is kinda obvious they are rushing to catch up to KR showing they dont really care to much about anything but making it an esport