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  1. So due to the implementation of trove2win it screwed up currency exchange prt bad my question is any guesses on when itll stabilize? i havent used it since the introduction of it but now that its gone it SHOULD stabilize no? Will there be any other "event" that will potentially screw it up again? i wanna be prepared Replies appreciated
  2. So this is a bit of a sensitive topic but i want an honest answer. No elitism No crying a concrete legit answer. So when are AP requirements gonna actually be relevant? when will the new gear be actually be required? As of right now all dungs can be completed with true pirate/siren accs at around 470 ish AP and about 190% cdmg and 45~crit so when will we need higher ap reqs and for which dungs? ofc im only talking about 6 mans Replies appreciated
  3. You are indeed correct but the thing is half the ppl who recruit for dungs ask for AP requirements which for someone who pugs every single dung it makes it extremely hard to find a group when all of them ask for like 550 ap + for asura when u can do it jus as well with 480-500, also what u mentioned the crit factor which again they dont realize and only ask for AP
  4. Well AP is sort of like a general gear measure (its not completely but gives a good idea) so like when will upgrading gear be necessary/ required? is basically what im asking
  5. Force Master bugged

    They have to be actually able to hit u which honestly completely defeats the purpose of being ranged and i dont see it being fixed anytime soon so until then RAGEEEEE
  6. I am and i get a pain in my arm everytime click to put up 1g for 22 coins
  7. Im not asking NC im asking the playerbase,this is nothing like the situation u described
  8. When will we be getting lvl 50 skills such as chi bomb and multiple blaze? I wanna blow stuff up already
  9. Selling Spirit of Bamboo code

    Ummm i dont see how it is? He won the tournament fair and square it was his prize he can do whatever he wants with it. If thats the case then isnt selling trove keys illegal? if it was why arnt ppl being banned for it or why didnt NC say anything?
  10. Signs of a grim future

    np it does really sadden me on just how oblivious they are and how blatantly obvious they make on how much they do not care. Wish i knew more about the company before i started playing so i could set my expectations low
  11. Signs of a grim future

    Careful guys if u talk bad about anything about NC theyll ban u, i tried making a thread to kindly have a discussion on whats going on to help clear up and do u know what they did? BAM ban honestly i was trying to hold on to what little faith i had left but no NC actually do not care whatsoever about the playerbase. ill prob get banned for this too i wont be surprised. it honestly saddens me such a bad company got a hold of bns. Ill prob still enjoy it while it lasts and the new content they bring just to maintain it but yea dont be suprised if u get banned for posting here if they see any sort of negative feedback they cant take it and remove it and ban the user

    I was banned for trying to help NC dont be suprised To da OP if ur close to them that is when they spam shroud if u get some distance they wont do it Which basically screws over every melee im an fm so its ez but maybe get some distance and gap close? I heard that u can catch them in a small window where they dont have iframe but im not sure
  13. ummm im not being aggressive? im just telling u what is and what they said?
  14. I am specifically talking about the legendary weps with the pirate>breeze its still able to roll im assuming after the update because they specifically said in the livestream that would be the case however they didnt mention the breeze upgrade if it was getting the same treatment im assuming its not (tbh i think it should)
  15. i dont think theyll make it failable although dont put any faith in NC. They did change a bunch of stuff for our version like example when upgrading other versions gem slots can roll for 1 to 6 ours min is 3 not 1 so cant rlly be sure i REALLY hope that its 100% success cause honestly upgrades in general being failable is just bad and when they are that costly its just pure evil
  16. Server transfers?

    I kno they mentioned it in previous livestreams but did they mention anything else about it recently? reeeeeealllly wanna know when they coming Replies appreciated
  17. So asura dung

    So few things i wanna know -What stat reqs needed? NOT JUST AP like AP crit cdmg hp def etc - What are mechanics? basically i wanna know what to do at each boss i know u have to hit CCs and stuff -What exact prep do we need? i know u should get scorpio belt but i heard u need silverfrost antidotes -anything else needed to know? EDIT: would also like to know some other things like BIS SS and optimal pt setup Replies appreciated
  18. So asura dung

    Ah thanks. ive seen dis one kinda looking at it and it still seems suras way to go
  19. So asura dung

    Thanks for the link! you dont happen to have any insight on bis ss do u?
  20. Arena lag?

    What happened? recently i just got into arena after a while and i get a STUPID amount of lag like its unplayable was winning a match like me 80% then 20% and then lost like wdf... I know ppl had dis b4 and i didnt and no its not my net everything else works fine Replies appreciated
  21. FM LB vs Orbits?

    So im torn on either burn dmg or orbit stacks from HM LB cause with da dmg ur LMB hits REALLY hard but with orbits u get orbit stacks duel drags and dragon blaze ive heard the burn one is better but im still torn cause the dmg increase it gets is pretty ridiculous but at the same time the dmg boost from dragonblaze and AOE and dmg of duel drags gets sacked. Yes i know fire fury but i NEVER wanna use dat useless skill. Any insight? Any idea what they use in KR? Wanting to test it myself but dont have HM lb Replies appreciated
  22. FM LB vs Orbits?

    true but im trying to consider the future with things like ele gears HM Blaze beam pts etc. Since den ive taken a look at the numbers and im probably missing something (havent tested anything yet) but the boost is very small from dragonblaze unless it dosent show u straight up the boosts cause i think its the case. From what i can infer is right now the differences in dps arent that far apart although i dont have HM LB yet so i cant say 100% for sure just part theory part experimentation
  23. Is This Right? (Game Performance [AMD])

    I ve noticed something like this too when i turned my settings down i actually got LESS FPS and when i put em all up to max i got MORE FPS IDK y, im not SUPER familiar with this kinda stuff but maybe increasing the settings make it use more of ur GPU power?
  24. Expection of range/melee cls

    Ermm why are u targeting FMs specifically? im an FM and if there is no BM/KFM that uses threat i will always take aggro and then have to kite it which then causes them to flame me for moving and the boss following me which causes me to flame them back explaining otherwise. I really dont like threads like these targeting a specific class/player type etc. If they flame you they are just salty most of the time and want someone to blame also dont say " be a little more courageous Force Masters" because that is just dumb
  25. HDD to SSD

    How did u do that exactly? not too familiar with it