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  1. -Clan Name- Warrior Legacy -Rank- 14 -Lenguage- English -Time Zone- We have members from various time zones -Faction- Crimson Legion ABOUT US: Warrior Legacy is a new clan growing over time, we are in search of active and friendly players who want to do stuff as a clan and help the clan grow as well as getting geared. Currently we are trying to form a static BT raid(Skybreak Spire). Anyone is welcome to the clan no matter what class(except gunners and FM's surry :7) you are or gear,only requisite is to be hm9+ and active,however we are trying to recruit a few specific classes geared enough to go to bt: Warlock,Soulfighter,any tank,Summoner. It's mandatory to join our discord server when you join the clan and when we go to raids voice chat it's a must,you can just listen if don't wanna speak. RECRUIMENT REQUIREMENTS: To join the clan: - Hm9+ - Active - Friendly To join the bt raid: - 1k ap+ - Legendary belt stage 6,legendary necklace,stage 10+ weapon,stage 3 pet and stage 4+ soul. HOW TO JOIN: Whisper in game: -Tademi(Leader) -Master Joshi(veteran) -DarekMK(veteran) -HoloTheWolfOfYoitsu(veteran) -Naoimy(Advisor) -Sum Miwi(Advisor)
  2. hey as the tittle says I can't change the name of my acc on the forums I went to profile but there is no edit option or on setting nothing either the only option would be to send a ticket to support?