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  1. Female's outfits that's not revealing

    *sigh* And this is why it took so long to get released on western market. Ppl ranting about non revealing outfits should play something else, really xD.
  2. So BNS User reviews are bad...

    Also, in both games you only gonna play if you are a real fan of it. To play PSO2, you will need to play JP, and you will only try to get the patches and stuff if you really like it. For SMT, you will feel attracted if you are a fan of the series, if you do not, is not a very appealing game (I say it as a real fanatic of SMT and everything related to it, and played that game for a couple of years). However, Blade and Soul is an appealing game without the need of be a fan of it. Its looks are amazing, and the combat system is really addictive (in fact, I keep playing and will stay until it sink because I love the game itself, even if NCSoft is doing a bad management, not the worst, but not good indeed), thanks to that, it ends up atracting a kind of player, sadly pretty common, that poisons the game and ruins the fun for many people. It is a very sad issue, because seems like braindead people forgets that online games are made to play with other people, rather than show off how awesome and superior you think you are yet you are nothing else than another pityful player that has stuff that has nothing special (not directed to anyone in particular). Things like 3v3, open pvp, and specially dungeons, needs cooperation and acting as a team. Insulting, disrespecting, trolling, and ranting, among others, are behaviors that only lead to fail. Its sad, but, its what you will find in atractive F2P games.
  3. Why people are so strange

    Well, you will find human beings as weird as those. Nothing special in the internet to be honest, it is surprising how little sense have people in here, you wiil get used eventually.
  4. Eh... no please. Play the game, if that would ever exist, we would have a lot of 45's who doesnt know how to play their class, plus with hongmoon weapons needing to evolve them that could equip a dokumo and leech in lv45's dungeons. Just NO. NO WAY. That would be just stupid for a game where both you've to be progressive with your gear and also complete quests to unlock other needed quests like dailies. You will need to do them anyways. Its not convenience, its just being really lazy. Nothing else. Go, lvl up, and play the game. Dont look for an easy way.
  5. Failed to connect to server

    Same problem. Meh this is getting tiring -_- I hope they don't take half a day like usual, their "fixes" are usually only "half fixes" :\.
  6. Dark Angel Wardrobe

    I confirm this. I cannot store it in my wardrobe with my Gon Female.
  7. RIP Servers again

    Totally agree XD i must say that the forums keep me really entretained during downtimes. Which is pretty common, sadly.
  8. Localization is a piece of crap.

    I have to say, I have to agree with you in every single word you posted in this thread. Although I dont find the translation THAT bad, as I saw way worse translations, and you can understand the story if you pay enough attention, it really feels like stuff is missing/weird/doesnt fit together, and some elements are really confusing in the story. I also hate that change on the story to make it "more apealing" to western audience. It feels like they understimate/disrespect western customers. I like it to be translated but not changed, I want to enjoy the original story, the TRUE story, not some cheap version. At least I gotta say Im enjoying everything else about the game tho.
  9. NCSOFT come on...........

    "Come on" you. Just 'cuz you paid premium membership doesn't make you special or anything (maybe special like ralph tho). I also want to play but, y'know, maintenance gotta be done so just deal with it, you wont die for some hours without playing.
  10. Is the game slowly dying?

    Meh, they prolly just changed server, its not smart to stay on a server with hours of queue when you can join another server with less to no queue, unless you play with a group of friends and want to stick there till everything gets smoother. Also bots being massively removed and weekdays helps to lower that queue. And the fact that some were just trying the game but not planing on staying/dont want to stay also affects. Jeez, if a game doesnt have queue doesnt mean its dying. Its just the overflow of players stopping. Anyways if you really like those queues, wait till tomorrow and you will have your fun lol.
  11. Can anyone answer me? MushinTower.

    Is not released yet. First 7 floors will be released at Feb. 10th.
  12. I'm wondering if they will come with Feb 10th patch. I mean, it would make sense that hongmoon levels would come with hongmoon skills, at least some.
  13. Premium Required

    The thing is, is not like we premiums just have another queue. We have priority, which means, as long as there are premiums waiting, non-premiums will have to wait, i dont know how it exactly work, but i bet is like every 10 members who enters the game, 9 are premium, 1 non-premium. Thats why we take like 1 hour and they like 10 hours. And also is not like they did not predict how many people will play, the issue is that servers have a capacity, and you cannot exceed it, or the server will become unstable and eventually go down. I dunno how good or bad their servers are, but even if you have the best hardware in the market, you will still have a cap, and if there are more players trying to play than the server's maximum capacity, there will be queue. This is a normal issue in any famous launch of any F2P game, Our only hope, sadly, is to wait if it settles down in a couple of weeks and "enjoy" the queue in the meanwhile. And about what OP said; pretty much, dont expect to play BnS without premium, at least in a high populated server, without either having a huge queue, or having to wait until late night when there are no queues (4am for example). Even tho I have premium membership, I also think it is kinda sad, since actually this problem is caused by premium's queue priority, and as long as a premium want to enter, non-premium will be always slowed down, and the huge increase of premium members has become an issue for all players, both premium and non-premium (even tho the last ones had been the most afected).

    THIS-IS-COMMON-SENSE. Can't agree more.

    Seems like you didnt get it. Everyone wants to get at once, since there is no room, you cant enter, i think is an obvious matter. It will happen in any famous F2P launch everytime. But seems like ignorant people only care about complaining, and pretend like they know what they talk about.