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  1. Hmm..does it have to be ingame images or can we use art in screenshots we take in game as before?
  2. I wonder if you realize what you are saying. This patch BROKE summoner's tanking ability..they can not reliably tank, particularly IF they are specced into it. If they are not specced into it, the cat doesn't tank in the first place.
  3. Hmm..couldn't they fix this problem by making the damage necessary to get the chest spread through the party / raid? That way if you are grouped with people who are doing sufficient damage, and you are the tank (thus contributing), then all of you in the party get the brilliant box?
  4. You personally can't tell me the array of characters all mimicking the same commands in game, synchronized perfectly are different people and NOT botting / multiboxers.
  5. Regardless of whether or not they are automated BOTs or a Chinese Gold Farmer / Multiboxer slaving BOT characters to his / her keyboard inputs, they are wrecking the game...and need to be banned. Really tired of seeing people on these forums supporting multiboxers as if it were legit play, when it clearly is not. ((Of note: Multiboxing means running several instances of the same game, either on one PC or multiple, using third party software to transmit / automate the keyboard / mouse input of the main character. I personally don't care if you have two systems and run a crafter alt on on
  6. I am perfectly polite and was in my threads to you, regardless of what I think of your opinion about the game. It is perfectly allowable to point out such disagreements and my OWN opinion. You might want to take a look at how you are responding not only to me, but other posters in this thread before you attempt to pin the 'polite' badge on yourself.
  7. Really? Do tell....I started playing RPGs in 1977, MMORPGs in the 90s, made my own text based online roleplaying game and am the author of a published series, which has enough of a fan base that I am the invited Guest of a major East Coast anime convention this weekend to speak on that topic. So...do tell me precisely what leads you to assume that you are 'decades older than me'? To be that, you'd have to be in your 60s at the very least...and from the continually denigrating nature of your responses to other posters in this thread, that is highly unlikely.
  8. 'Sonny', l am likely a few decades older that you, so don't front like you have some sort of 'maturity' over me. I didn't insult personally you in my post...I stated facts and MY OPINION. You seem to want to denigate into insults which apparently belies the weakness of your 'feedback'...and speaks the truth of what I did in fact say to you. If you don't like the PVP aspect of the game because you can not achieve the same thing via PVE, then I suggest the games that cater to what you want are thattaway---> This game isn't, nor should it be one of them.
  9. Perhaps it's because I am NOT looking to change the system of the game, as advertised and promised to fit my unrealistic expectations of it? There are a ton of games out there that cater to overprivileged, carebear whiners. This is not and should not be one of them. This is a game in which one can engage in PVP that fits the ROLEPLAY and STORY content of the game and is deservedly focused on it. Please stop trying to ruin it for the rest of us that DO want that...and came here away from the carebear games to find it.
  10. Coming to a PVP focused game and crying / whining that it should be made 'PVE' and PVP should be removed / separated from progression in the game? Some people are special little snowflakes...
  11. Speaking as a roleplayer.... I came to this game because of the environment, character design, story AND the fact they promised a system of PVP that could easily lend itself to ROLEPLAYED PVP conflict. I have yet to see anything that detracts from that promise...and I LOVE to PVP. So to the poster that said PVPers don't want 'pretty visuals' and those are 'meant for the PVERs', I say you have absolutely no clue WTF you are talking about.
  12. Jiwan is still the unofficial RP server..I am in a PVP / RP guild on it right now. As to the BR, yes, they tried to claim Jiwan as theirs..but seem to have moved to another as far as I can tell. Either that, or they are part of the authoritarian jack booted bad guys known as the Cerulean Order.... ^_-
  13. Response: Multiboxers try to convince people that what they do takes effort and is skillful. They'll say the reason they do it is because they needed a challenge and it is challenging to them. This is all complete crap. When someone says they need a challenge, it means that the game is no longer challenging to them. But I've never seen any of these multiboxers become top-tier raiders or PvPers before saying the game is too easy. Instead, I see them using multiboxing as a means of making the game easier, not harder. Dealing with the "quirks" of a 3rd party program isn't increasing your chal
  14. Better to read this article that is honest about what multiboxing is (not defined as tabbing control between accounts): http://hackerbot.net/mmo/206-multiboxing-multi-boxing-mmo-mmorpg MMO Multiboxing: The “Create Your own Personal Game Alt Army” Cheat
  15. I suggest you read what NCSoft rep said, above: "ONE computer, ONE instance of the game". "Each character will have to be controlled MANUALLY (no AUTOMATION software)." Case closed.
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