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  1. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    I know you guys are working as a professional support team and update content. But this is too wrong because you guys changed at the last minute, so every player who was hoping to get higher tier gems now become broken. You guys paid your attention on that Marketplace, but wasn't about our player who already spent a thousand of gold to buy radiant energies. I just want to say "QUIT THE JOB, THERE ARE MANY OTHER PEOPLE WHO HAS RESUME OUT THERE WANT TO GET THIS JOB, AND THEY WILL DO BETTER THAN EVERY OF YOU". I have lost more than hundred gold because you guys retarded support team. This is not what I expected from the top industry company that hired you guys. Go **** yourself, you guys piece of f*cking trash update content team. The company should say thanks to your idiot team that made many other player quit to play this game anymore. Congraz! nice job done.