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  1. The good point of Cross Server is that, sometime i meet people i know from other games ! :3
  2. [ img] le lien ^^ [ /img] (tout collé :x)
  3. I don't really know what happened to my cute lyn ! o:
  4. It's always hard to find people talkative in Cross Server. They most of the time just wanna do the Daily and run away, that's why now i don't ever bother to talk when i'm in cross server, all i say is "Hi" but if someone start talking i'll sure respond and enjoy. It's so rare to meet funny people in this game !
  5. I will keep this shield forever ! ♥
  6. When i heard i had to defeat Mushin ! My face in front of the Yeti.. ( With my fabulous Destroyer Protector ! ) Lost among the cherry blossom ! *-*
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