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  1. Can we just remove the Enrage mode mechanic it's nonsense

    This mechanic is there to stop solo'ers from doing the content and mass reaping the rewards, in other words it stops bots from spamming the dungeons for valuables.
  2. Forget my Birthday Date

    Why wouldn't you use your real birthday date...
  3. Lost Items bought from shop!

    Yeah, the same thing happened to me with the $125 pack weapon skin, if you submit a ticket explaining to them what happened they will most likely give it back, although they did state that it's a one time thing, so be careful after you get it back.
  4. ** TO THE STAFF ** Thank you

  5. People abusing of Blackram Supply Chain Weapon requirement

    They should bother to read the damn requirements of the dungeon lol, all you need to do is hover your mouse over it.. It's a wealth of information.
  6. People abusing of Blackram Supply Chain Weapon requirement

    As you can see the difference between these weps are not too far off. Of course you should take the gems and the weapons passive and attributes. The Infernal sword's although lacking 18 attack power, Is only a slight power boost on any skill, unless you're talking big cd skills then it does a little more, then there is the 110 crit rate and piercing that imo attribute a lot more to damage than accuracy and block, as long as you have 100% accuracy of course because dmg not done is dmg loss. You're just complaining because you did not know this trick and you actually grinded until you could afford to make your weapon profane, as long as the person knows what they're doing I don't see this being a problem, after all This is the DMG of the weapon required, > So be grateful they are bothering to put on their infernal weapons. Resource can be found here Cake
  7. If you were a mom and pops business I completely understand, but we are talking about a corporation, they have no shame and they don't care if you don't want to play their game. But that won't stop them for asking for your money.
  8. Nothing, go to paypal and ask for my 125 dollars back and move the freak on to the next game.,
  9. Since nobody that has replied on this thread is making money from you playing, they really don't care. It will not stop them from flaming you and calling you childish because you're at least worth the insult to some of them. As a paying customer I completely understand your frustration, not everybody has all the time in the world to play and not everybody is the same. A few hours of maint wont phase most of us, but will def make a dent in some. I understand you're frustrated because there was recently another down time yesterday if I remember correctly and that was 4 hours long. The servers are down in deed to fix the game like everybody said's but I understand too that if you're not even impacted or care at all by the "Broken stuff" (I learned my lesson in Archeage to keep faction chat off) you feel as if you should be able to continue playing, down the road you will begin to want these things fixed though so they are trying to knock them out before other players have to deal with it. Like a lot of MMO's out there do, the returning players always get the good stuff while the current players always get screwed over (when it comes to compensations or gift at least). You can go ahead and quit if you like, you will most likely get an email on feb 10 asking you to come back because there is new content out.
  10. Destroyer PvP video (1900~~rating)

    As you spin this is what goes through my head,
  11. So many bad ideas. Good effort for bug reporting though +1
  12. Please Refund me Dear NCSoft

    If you do a charge back you will end up getting banned. If you wish to keep your account I suggest you submit a ticket. If they refuse then do the charge back at the risk of your account getting banned or just fix your game. I've not crashed once yet so it's surprising some people are crashing. Edit: nProtect will crash the game if there is anything suspicious running in the background. Try force closing unnecessary programs. In some cases even try disabling your anti virus for a few mins and see how far that gets ya.
  13. So when will we be getting optimization?

    You're not average, you're cheap as hell. I hear a lot of people say russia, and korean version did not have the bots/gold spammer issues.. why not do exactly what was done there?
  14. So when will we be getting optimization?

    The game has been out for years, it is sad that they have not bothered to optimize the game in so long. I understand there are bugs, and ques.. they knew there was going to be a que before the game went into early access or release.. because they were seeing the numbers of the founders packs being purchased so that alone is them being lazy. But the game has been out for a long time and runs like crap.
  15. Being charged for services that was originally free?

    From many other western releases you begin to notice a pattern, all western players think alike. They need to implement a walk around that benefits them. Yes giving stuff in other versions based on a completely different player base sounds good.. but it just does not work on the west. PS: to the OP, you're not being charged, it's an option. It also has a different requirement. They also give you a few bags for free, enough to open the first 2 if I remember correctly.