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  1. Dear NCsoft, fix your damn launcher

    SSD, GTX 970, OP CPU that my wife is still pissed about....PSU for days and waiting 45 mins to "file check". Not cool, not fun, not going to dig this.
  2. Smack your self. Seriously , walk in to the other room and ask your dad to assist you. Head start is an offer, a product. Not a "Pay to test". The fact that you are willing to booty up for the horde is shocking and you should be ashamed. No soup for you. No soup!
  3. NCSOFT CONSUMER LOYALTY... is it dead?

    I can't even right now. Screw her for picking a server that NO ONE knew would be packed. Your logic makes me want to chew on my keyboard. She paid (too much) for a service that was advertised. Not once did it say, "Hey, prepare to be screwed and wait hours on the random server you decided to play on because we decided to VS everything.".
  4. What? Dude, get out. You do NOT pay to test. That's ridiculous to even think when BUYING any product. And yes, you did buy a product when you purchased a founder package.
  5. System req.

    Yep. Easily but I would recommend MSI Afterburner and CPU-Z...up to you. Keep in mind that no matter what your rig, MMOs are far from being optimized.
  6. Nope, not one reply here and that's submitting before HS even started. FYI for any forum mod/CS/CM that may be, I did not send a ticket from this account. I know better than that :)
  7. Get ready for a long night. You'll have to wait some hours before a fix is rolled out..if they do it.
  8. So you paid 125$ and haven't played a lick but you're ok with that? I'm calling BS.
  9. Hardware Config, DLL list Error

    If you've got the latest driver and you're having massive crashes, roll back to a older version. Also, close out ANY other programs. If you've got any antivirus running, disable it and open your firewall for the game.
  10. Version 8 Not A Fix

    While the game is on the side of screwed ATM, feel free to test (when its working) your network:
  11. Clicked PLAY and Nothing

    Same here bud. While I don't want to be banned, you're rights extend further than NC would like to advertise. Let's wait a bit and see how the cookie crumbles. #pitchfork@daRDY
  12. Better call Saul at this point.
  13. +1 Fanboys will be fanboys. Consumerism is blind these days it seems. But yes, the patch killed the game. Which is only one in the series of issues plaguing those who Foundered UP.
  14. Re-downloading wont help. This is something that NC pushed and dropped the ball on. My guess it's a GG update to battle spammers that are eating the chat alive. If you've got the update you're screwed. Those that are in game (like my wife) are playing just fine. Better pray for no DC.
  15. A working product and active support? Maybe it's time for you to put the kool-aid down or maybe you're a shill? Either way, players are upset over not being able to play the product they PAID for.