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  1. Is the Royal Zen Bean bugged as well, or just this?
  2. 3 classes need to be fixed

    This was exactly my point on Page 1. Blade Masters do get better with levels/time, but Blade Dancers stay on top from beginning to end, and are vastly easier to play.
  3. 3 classes need to be fixed

    Eh, it was an exaggeration a bit. It definitely should NOT be shorter, stuff like that should be fairly normalized. Don't they have multiple damage immunities/resists, though? I don't know the skill names off the top of my head, but I believe one is Z and the other is V. Just between those two, Spin deflect/stun-daze immunity, and their TAB -- it feels they always have an answer to getting pressured. It's just too much.
  4. 3 classes need to be fixed

    Destroyer really isn't OP, once you understand what they do and what to avoid, they're not a problem. Sin/KFM have a very high skill-cap, and don't require any nerfing, nor does FM. Good ones will shine, and if they know their match-ups and you're careless with your TAB, you will get CC'd for a long time. All three of them can do it, and it really isn't broken. The real problem to me is Summoner and Blade Dancer. From what I've researched, Summoners fall off a bit at 50. They're not crap by any means, but most classes get more tools to deal with them with the extra skill points/skills/hongmoon/whatever. My main concern for the health of this game is Blade Dancer. How that has not been nerfed to the ground in the other regions is beyond me. That class is straight up brain-dead, I'm sorry. You don't have to put any thought into what you're doing. They can engage from full screen out of combat, penta-slash is retarded, their resist dmg immunity is on too short of a cd (it should be doubled), their spin mechanic (not damage) is retarded, they have insane burst, the list just goes on. Oh, you can press 1, 2, 3? Congrats, welcome to Plat Mr. Blade Cancer. This class only gets better as the levels come, too.
  5. Yeah, I have a love-hate relationship with 3v3. It's very unique and it feels rewarding tagging in at the right time, but on the other hand I really hate sitting there and watching so much.
  6. Yeah, I'm aware it doesn't exist on other versions :/ I mean can NCWest even make a major addition like this without the other versions having it? Not sure how it works since NA got the game so much later. Do they have any control over future balances/changes for our region specifically?
  7. Destroyer's VS Assassin is a bad joke.

    Just wait until you face good KFM's as Destroyer. :^)
  8. Honestly, despite some of the complaints lately about the game (Low FPS, RNG Boxes, some class imbalances, etc) -- I can say I'm very happy overall with the game. It takes guts for an MMO to actually have 1v1 PvP, and there aren't many companies who will balance around that. Usually PvP is very "shoved to the side", while balance changes are made around PvE/Raids and group-PvP. It feels nice that this game brought out different types of players: General MMO players, Hardcore PvP'ers, some people from the FGC (fighting game community), hell even MOBA players. Thing is, I think the biggest thing lacking is no 2v2 Arena. Whether it was the tag-mode or not, I feel it would be a lot more enjoyable overall. 3v3 can get pretty chaotic, and I've generally found more enjoyment out of 2v2 (WoW, Wildstar, and Dragon Nest come to mind).
  9. Where to use storm essence

    Same here. I've heard that the Poh hair (not sure which one) drops off the wheel, but after like 50+ essences and other friends trying as well we have yet to confirm that.
  10. Are you guys talking actual server transfer or full blown re-rolling? I'm on Jiwan, and if the Portuguese spam doesn't chill out within the next week I want out of this server. I'm going to hit 45 today, so I don't want to straight up re-roll. Any idea when server transfers are going to become available?