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  1. C++ Runtime Error

    After a full day of troubleshooting I finally found a reddit thread that had a solution. This solution fixed my random crashes as well. Run>MSCONFIG and disabled razer SDK All I had to do and game is working. Yay.
  2. C++ Runtime Error

    Whenever I load into the game from character selection I receive a C++ Runtime error. Some of the solutions I've tried thus far include : Uninstall all Microsoft Windows Visual Studio 2005, delete NCWEST launcher then restart computer and re download launcher. I've tried installing every Windows Visual Studio suggested in other threads. Even though I don't think this has anything to do with the problem I've reinstalled blade and soul completely once. I've also repaired via the client. This problem did not happen on any other versions of the game that I played, or the ALPHA or CBT tests I did. Really at a loss here so ANY suggestions you guys have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!