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  1. Just a bunch of cry babies that dont realize you dont FAIL evolve or breakthrough like in other versions of BnS... And yes they make more gold and without luck they need infinite amount of it. You just need time and patience. Not to mention that this game weapon evolve is so simple. No need to farm new weapon and then ++++20 or more and after new patch new weapon and +++20 again, you just evolve and beat the stages...
  2. @Hime Well, instead of considering, would rather see results of it. If you fell like some anti-bot block implemented in game can be an issue for legit players, try it in some period of time, instead of again "considering" something else. You can put it for a week or two, see if it help solve the problem, and next week make a forum (rather not ingame cuz bots owners gonna wote it's bad thing, and every player have forum acc) inquiry/pool about it.
  3. @Hime A captcha after changing region ( windstride, going to arena, cross serv ), not on some random or time set demand, would be a very annoying but i think really usefull. It can be even your acc ping window, or to not use it too often, new, secound pin with same random numbers tab.
  4. Maintenance Time.

    The only Servers that are in Frankfurt are Open World servers... consider that. Should they turn of login, market and few "others" ( arena, cross serv dung, but they not gonna say that directly ) servers two times instead of just one? Cuz EU ppl cry QQ
  5. Level restriction not working, first thing, a lvl 4 guy spamming all the time after maintenance. Secound, after checking few spamming bots on every next one while trying to check character info i see mesagge "service unavilable". So we cant check theier lvl and cant complain about that
  6. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    UP already
  7. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    And they finished maintenance on NA servers first, like ppl in NA would wake earlier to play