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  1. Good for ur GF she got kicked, bc she'd have got an ID otherwise and would be bound to the group. Bosses die faster than to wait for someone to reboot. Most ppl aren't that patient. Making 11 ppl wait, when they're in a rush, isn't very welcome. Just sign up for weeklies and say in teamchat, that you don't need the first ones. Happened to me too and was never a problem or create party just for halls. :)
  2. Angeln

    Achtet einfach mal auf das f - Symbol. Das verändert sich, sobald ein Fisch anbeißt ;) dann einfach f drücken.
  3. Connection Problems

    Same problems. So annoying.
  4. BnS Toys

    I love how detailed they r, but isn't Hongs scar to high? It was between the eyebrows, wasn't it?
  5. "Feedback" zur Seelensteinebene

    Wieso stand d a s eigentlich nicht in den Patchnotes?
  6. xP buff for story

    Hello, I am just curious: is the buff active for the story quests in arc 1-4 and 6? Bc it doesn't feel like it while leveling ...and its also shown nowhere.
  7. Show Off your Gunner Preset

  8. Nebula Stone Showdown Event time limit ?

    The event itself last till 13th September, and u can use the coins and stones till 17.10 That's what i think xD
  9. Nebula Stone Showdown Event time limit ?

    If u hover over the item itself, the limit date will be shown If i remember correctly this early in the morning: it is the 17.10
  10. And also the costs of STONE OF WISDOM And also pls the BLACK FEATHERS OF JINSOYUN (10 silver r too much for 250 to mail, but i want hongmoon soul phase 1 on my alts ;_;)
  11. Hallo :) In der Regel kann auch ein FM die Gruppe mit seinem Gruppenfreeze schützen. Davon mal abgesehen habe ich das mit dem Timing auf meinem Alt-Sum auch noch nicht ganz weg. Du siehst doch aber im Kampf, wenn ihr alle zusammen kommt, dass der seine Hand hebt. Im Normalen Modus siehst du auch auf dem Boden die enger werdenden Kreise. Das ist beim Sum der Einsatz für den Stealth. Zakhan wirft mit dieser Bewegung quasi den Aoe auf denjenigen, der das Mark hat. Einfach Mal drauf achten und dich daran orientieren :)
  12. Lowbie killers

    You know, there r achievments for killing players in opposite faction uniforms.. and even titles to achieve for that. Yeah, maybe not that fair, but legit anyways. It's not an excuse to say "don't wear the uniform" bc the open world pvp was designed like that. It's ur choice in the end.
  13. DC/ Huge lag since last update

    yes Bambusdorf/Frostgipfel [DE]
  14. Weekly Challenge

    Pls pls pls bring old Content in the weekly! Like zaiwai ruins or old 24harbour and 24poh! That would be just fun to bring them back to life!! @Cyan
  15. RNG is RNG, but..

    Yeah was my rng too got this only once. OK, so hm vs nc don't matter. That's good, i will try it again then #sigh