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  1. that is unlikely, Since your friend is using a VPN the ip is constantly different thus making it appear as account sharing. Best they can do is depute with the bank about those charges, but in the end with the limited info provided, this sounds like they where actually sharing the account OR they bought the account off of someone who then reclaimed it. In the end if you read the ToS and EULA we never fully own the accounts we use on ANY mmo, we simply rent them and have set guidelines to follow. Same with digitaly bought games, they can be blocked or removed at any time without warning or reas
  2. quick question for you, how does playing a lyn make one a child abuser? As for them getting the attention, well despite what people wish to think it has been confirmed that tera was saved due to the elin hence why they tend to be the focus. I mainly play lyn, why? because I enjoy being a short race, their animations tend to be a bit exaugurated and outlandish. As for you "being to old" that is a poor excuse considering I am 31.
  3. it can take up to 24 hours, I buy the NC coin cards off of amazon digital.
  4. When you try to use one of these keys on a weapon box from the wheel like diva it does not work. It acts like it is opening but then it gives a verbal error saying "invalid item" I also opened 100 well boxes and did not get A SINGLE wep for Warden
  5. Ok so I had some guild members test this as well and tea, no Warden weapons in ANY of the loot boxes from the wheel. Would be nice to get a GM or managers input on this.
  6. lmao actually it would not let me use my lvl 50 booster on her O.o
  7. yea, I was hoping to get a profane weapon to lvl a bit quicker but yea. no weapons I nthe box means no powerful weapon to lvl quicker XD.
  8. as mentioned none of the essence wheels has warden weapons. I have tried both profane and deva with no luck. even tried using the key to get class specific and got the "invalid item" voice error once the bar filled.
  9. I did a Flushdns and it helped as well as wiped my routers memory. Honestly a lot of the lag issues I find are peoples PC and routers. People on average do not know that your pc and router both have a catch that fills up after so long especially for gaming on the internet.
  10. the reason this one won is simple, its the more "slutty" of the two. people pay money for the reviling or "sexy" outfits, look at every freaking mmo with a cash shop even ge2 is getting to that point.
  11. I said I have tried FM, as for SF well all I can say is I like them but im crap at their combos lol. I don't have the best reaction time so I am searching for a class that does not requite quick reaction times to do anything.
  12. I did not drop them persey I simply want something different so to speak, I enjoyed them but I feel other then SB I don't ctonribute much. summoner was easy to survive while my lock died..a lot.. I mentioned I played force maser for a while it was fun but never got past 30 with her. I mentioned above im looking for ranged over melee though from what I see soul fighter offers a good mix of the two.
  13. that is helpful, honestly im not sure what to go because..well you know how it goes you have a bunch of classes and like a few of them so picking one to focus on is...hard.
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