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  1. Legendaries will be part of the game they never said they won't be! What the said is they would not implement it this patch and I doubt they would include them before lvl 50 content is available as the items to upgrade the legendaries are tied to lvl 50 dungeons drops and mats that can be obtained in Silverfrost Mountain (New area). If we had the legendary weapons right now we wouldn't be able to upgrade them with the current content so they would have to use rng boxes to provide the unreleased materials thus making these weapon P2W. So people need to calm down and wait for lvl 50 cap. I'm pretty sure most player haven't upgraded all of their accessories and weapon to true pirate yet anyways.
  2. New RNG Box in Shop!

    If this is how costumes are going to be sold from now on NCSoft will never see a dime from me.