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  1. Constant crashes

    same problem Flint. but for me it is at cutscenes. apparently this is a known issue for those who skip them: screen goes black and hangs up. the issue is not on your end. needless to say, charging people a significant premium to stress test their server infrastructure is just a little short-sighted. i do not think that i am alone in the decision that if this headstart continues to be so tenuous, i will just write off the $125 and never log in again. =P
  2. yeah. same thing happens to me at cutscenes. not every time, but it's happened 3x so far in different spots but it is always at a cutscene. the graphics card tries to swap modes and freezes up completely. the only fix is to do a hard reboot. this is pretty stupid. i also know it isn't a hardware issue as i am running a relatively new pc setup with latest nvidia drivers. the problem is clearly due to a game being bug ridden and not even remotely close to being ready for launch.