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  1. You need to get into a certain range to get hit by sentinel. However, if your character has a pulling skill, you can use it to pull player's off the tower without getting in range of the sentinel. It's a terrible exploit nonetheless.
  2. Is it just me, or ever since Game Guard is turned back on, my game keep crashing every 10 minutes when I stand still ? i'm not even using WTFast or anything similar to suffer from this. How am I suppose to tank BW if this keeps up D: ?
  3. there was a talk that the reason for those charms to be in higher price is because players can buy them, and get mailed right away, instead of having to find a general merchant and buy the charm.
  4. pressing 3 is not the option for this. The faction watch tower is designed to be a safe point for respawned faction players, hence the one -shot sentinels. But with the exploitation, now enemy faction can pull players from there without being hit by the sentinel, so basically this is the fault of game design, not player's fault. Takoyaki may willing to PvP, but he needs time to adjust his skill set, then the enemy use that exploitation to pull him when he's not done, and get easy kill. That's an example.
  5. I don't know much about the game mechanic, but it is better to just have the loading screen done, then spawn your character right after it, not spawning character during loading screen.
  6. oh, right, I can understand some of those words :D On the serious part, your explanation is well-covered, long, but well-covered. One thing to add, some people want to have the experience of discover something new by them self, or learn directly from players in game, not watching videos. We could encourage them to find a Black Wyrm in another channel, and not disturb other people.
  7. So, I'm a BM, and I ran my daily in the E.fleet 24man, and have to fight the blackram mobs. When I encountered the KFM mob, he countered my skill, which should have stunned me, but when I use my block skill by accident, I parried(?) the counter and stun the mob instead. It happens a few times later, so I was wondering, is it possible to parry the counter ? Or I just happen to stumble upon a bug ? If it's possible, can the trick be pulled on PvP ?
  8. Daymon

    Faction npcs

    Then you will have to fight your way through enemy faction then. Quite sure you won't be the only one who will be denied from accessing NPCs, so try asking for a big battle to push them back ( provided that your faction actually put their heart into it) NCsoft isn't responsible for changes in the game, they just publish it, and give the most attentive feedback from the community to the Bloodlust dev team in Korea to adjust the changes for NA version. I won't say you shouldn't try, but if you managed to bring this to their attention, then maybe they'll add it into their feedback.
  9. Daymon

    Faction npcs

    Maybe wait for another time, then come back, or call for help from faction. Your faction should at least own a channel, so try asking if there's one filled with allies.
  10. Daymon

    BM gems

    Green one is the one that recover Hp when auto block is activated, if that's the one you're looking for - BM has higher block rate than evasion, so don't use the peridot with immune, it's useless. A diamond with attack power is what every class need. Life steal gem is a must. the last slot can be filled with either additional damage, or stun trigger. At least that's my recommendation.
  11. well, I guess it's time we buy all those sealed SS, unseal them and make a profit :D
  12. Daymon

    Faction npcs

    Channel switching is a good idea for this situation you encountered. I'd rather see NCsoft focus on bigger issues ahead.
  13. That's only true if you have progressed far enough in the zone, or else you will still have some extra to do back in the previous zone anyway.
  14. If what I read is correct, you exceed all the daily limit while you are lvl 44, so I'll take it as you only start doing all daily quest up to the limit at that level. If that's the case, then we found the problem - you didn't do all dailies when you were still lower level. I'm a F2P guy, I don't use any XP boost items since I don't like rushing things and enjoy the story instead, but I still managed to get to 45 before I run out of quest. The key is do all the dailies when you were still lower level. Yes, they are boring, but the reward in those dailies are worth doing for lower level. E
  15. Depends, if you are confident about you skill and ping, use artisan crafted crit moonwater primer, they have about 256 crit, should give you a decent extra amount when fused. But if you have bad ping, or you usually get ganked a lot, focus on defense and crit defense. Your destroyer could use some crit chance, since their base stat seem to have decent crit def already. KFM could use a mix, I never tried it long enough to give opinion. Class also have impact alot on your OP evasion. Pretty much any class that has low HP will benefit from evasion, other will more likely a waste.
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