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  1. But I just came back to the game!
  2. Agreed. Some of the daily quests are a real struggle for returning players, would definitely love to have more options to ensure completion.
  3. Hopefully :D So sick of spamming Dreadtide for a KFM outfit..
  4. Ah thank you, just came back to the game this previous week, that's unfortunate.
  5. When is Finite Challenge making its way back to the shop? I will gladly purchase the outfit if it could be added back to the shop.
  6. Let's put it this way: The only way to reach max level gear would be to swipe, otherwise there's not enough time to farm it before we get another 4+ weapon stage patch. Whether it's because they're patching too quickly or it takes too long gearing, many people are quitting simply because it feels like an infinite gear grind.
  7. I had to buy a few sockets back, let's see if they bother compensating us.
  8. True Pirate 4 sockets -> True Breeze 1 socket.
  9. KFM, you learn a lot about the game and if you do decide to play other classes, you understand the concepts a lot easier.
  10. Of course PvE became p2w with RNG boxes. Gotta swipe that legendary wep to clear pve faster, right? :^) Who cares about gear when the only geared pvp is a joke.
  11. Someone posted BnS isn't p2w, I signed into forums, laughed a little bit then carried on my day.
  12. Why can't I PVP for Frozen Stingers?
  13. If you look at the context it means that True Pirate's next path will be True Breeze.
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