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  1. Locked Countrys

    Yeah I agree, it's not because of that reason.
  2. Locked Countrys

    Neither is Israel (where I'm from) and I can play just fine <_<
  3. NCSoft should change its name to NASoft
  4. Locked Countrys

    just from experience with other games, if it's a problem with license it's never gonna be changed, no offense but when it comes to money no one cares about anything else.
  5. Can we expect this to hit consoles?

    peasant detected
  6. Locked Countrys

    you are making the wrong point, they are not restricting you because your country is not in EU... my country isn't even in europe and I can play, there must be a different reason.
  7. Servers crashed ?!

    lol all they can do is tell us there is still a problem and apologize...
  8. Servers crashed ?!

    why did i fap to this?
  9. Assassin Question

    tab when enemy is stunned knocks them up i think
  10. Servers down again?

    game is unplayable right now 10 mins to get in and DC after 2 minutes
  11. Windrest in Peace

    DC over 9000
  12. GameGuard working as intended

    every 2 minutes they make new chars with new names rip faction chat
  13. cant search on marketplace

    can't search anything on marketplace by name... anyone noticed this?
  14. للعرب أسوي لكم لقطات

    allahu snackbar

    seems like it