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  1. Game messed up my files

    I was playing blade and soul and got to the part where I'm in the town and meet dochun and then the cinematic plays for his supposedly hot daughter namsoyoo. since I had seen it before I pressed esc to skip it and my screen went black and froze. I had to ctrl+alt+del to close the game and then tried to re-launch the game and the launcher said the game path was missing. so I went to direct it to my games folder and it was now completely missing. my whole game folder directory got completely erased. I had all my games in that folder directory each in their own individual folder inside that one. I had my steam folder, Aion, wild star, blade and soul, csgo, etc. and now its all gone. I tried restoring my computer to an earlier date but the files are still gone. Your game is like a virus. I am extremely upset right now. Now I have to try to reinstall all of my games and hope they are not corrupt.