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  1. WOW F7 outfit got!!!!!!!

    its sad, I got 7 of those outfits and not one hat, scumbag rng. 170+ kills too
  2. Spring Break Costumes

    Really hoping to see some smexy costumes (swimsuits) on the store soon in honor of the great spring breaking, and Dream cutter would be nice as well. Yes I already know they only update every 2 weeks but really I need these costumes to keep myself interested in this game while BDO tries to so desperately to steal my attention, though their customer support is almost worse than NCsofts.
  3. 8floor minimum stats?

    Since that is the best possible gear, I would assume so. Also depends on what class you are, being a BM is never easy
  4. where are the new costumes

    No new costumes were mentioned in the patch notes, so no new costumes besides the labbyrinth ones and the temptation event one.
  5. If you get banned on March 3rd

    Only way your getting banned is if you have farmed like 100 Moonwater tears in ogong by soloing and even then thats only like a 50g income
  6. New outfits in Hongmoon store (Feb 26)

    wheres the dream cutter and cobalt captain? Gimme something thats cool, enough pretty stuff. And stop using plural. Its just one outfit for each gender and that is wack. Why even announce it if your just going to release one outfit.
  7. No New Costumes tomorrow?

    I asked multiple times during the stream but didnt get an answer. Skimmed through the entirety of the thing and couldnt find any info. Can we get an answer please?
  8. New costumes?

    For everything please. That way I can go to the forums and gain energy from the tears of the fallen.
  9. Ncoin limit?

    Just buy from amazon, instant delivery and no limit on apply codes.
  10. Soulstones...WTF?!

    If you are a whale, you have enough money to buy gold with ncoin and buy soul stones. stop being lazy. Play the game as its intended to be played or move on. I've killed Junghado 50 times and havent gotten his stupid hat, I hate pve but I continue to do it regardless because I want something.
  11. True Pirate Weapon

    bs 4man is regular pirate, bs 6 man is darkpirate if im not mistaken
  12. True Pirate Weapon

    you can trade pirate emplems collected from nightshade/bloodsghade dungeons and trade directly for it. Or you have a chance for the pirate weapon chest to drop it frombloodshade 4/6 man
  13. red text on the gold requirement. You must have 9gold and 60 silvers, which you do not.
  14. Currency exchange

    Onthe official post on the day of release they stated you can only recieve HMC not NC
  15. Highborn Outfit - Moonwater?

    nope, transmutation only
  17. Giving away 5 gold everyday

    Good natured, sharing some random guys probably worst moment of his life.
  18. What's the most OP class in PvP?

    Blade Master, KFM or FM
  19. what dailies should i do after i hit lvl 45 ?

    You start faction quests in the cinderlands at around level 25 or so. You must be ranked ranked aspirant or above and compelted the story quests to begin misty woods dailys.
  20. Pirate Weapons bough from the vendor just get eaten by your horngmoon weapon.
  21. what dailies should i do after i hit lvl 45 ?

    Wayfarers warf e. fleet supply chain = 24 man, save your perfumes Blackram supply chain = 6 man or 4 man (harder) save your perfumes 4 man drops costumes nightshade harbor = 24 man possible drop of enchanting seductress/ temptress and dark pirate bloodshade harbor = 6 man or 4 man (impossibly hard) 4 man drops costumes, Noble of the Sea= Red version of Starling Blue dailys (37 silver ea) Skittering tunnels Brightstone ruins The Pigsty Hall of Ogong
  22. Gemhammer 4th slot cost increase per lvl.

    gem hammers can be found in every dungeon daily box.
  23. what dailies should i do after i hit lvl 45 ?

    2x6 man dungeons,2x 24 man dungeons, 4 blue dungeons, 1x skyhaven stockade (green dungeon), Faction quests misty woods and hogshead pastures. Mushin tower dailys, tag match daily.
  24. Pale Stalker censored?

    Oh wow, What happened to "we are not censoring anything" @Hime @Lock6