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  1. If you are a whale, you have enough money to buy gold with ncoin and buy soul stones. stop being lazy. Play the game as its intended to be played or move on. I've killed Junghado 50 times and havent gotten his stupid hat, I hate pve but I continue to do it regardless because I want something.
  2. Oh wow, What happened to "we are not censoring anything" @Hime @Lock6
  3. And All i did was get yelled at by white knight try hards when i made this thread last week Successful Transmute with Outfit puch Blinddagger Thursday at 16:15 I successfully transmuted 4 fabric into an outfit pouch twice , it didnt say that I failed anywhere but It only gave me 1 fabric in return. I wasted about 6 costume purchases from the store with this without any warning. Sef Thursday at 16:22 Hello, Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul Support team. We would like to clari
  4. This is unacceptable, if you tell people 24 hours then we expect it in 24 hours. If its not gonna be 24 hours then dont say anything
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