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  1. and who have told u that we are patient ?!

    None of that was a typo, that was you throwing a hissy fit because there's maintenance. Enjoy the maintenance, hopefully there's another one tomorrow.
  2. and who have told u that we are patient ?!

    "They are stupids too" "Too" means also, therefore you're saying "they are stupid" "I don't call anyone stupids...but the lawyers who are like u" In that sentence you literally just said "I call lawyers like you stupid" Thus again, calling people stupid. This is why you shouldn't go to English forums unless you understand English. You have no clue what you're even saying. "Waahh this person said I'm impatient" You're asking ncsoft who told them that you had patients, the definition of impatient is someone that has no patience.
  3. and who have told u that we are patient ?!

    A Lawyer? I'm not understanding the reference.
  4. and who have told u that we are patient ?!

    I couldn't make it past the first few points. The game has not been taken down every day. Queues are a sign that the game is popular and guess what, this maintenance is to add servers for the EU players! To help with the queues you guys are crying about. Bugs are being fixed with maintenance. Gold sellers are in every MMO they're trying to get rid of em, but blame the playerbase for buying gold. If no one buys, the gold sellers die off. This game is less than 2 week sold, maintenance is going to happen several times a week sometimes.
  5. Contribution Points [dot]

    Depends on your level. If you aren't level 45 yet, you can farm the other faction's NPCs and turn them in, plus dailies. If you are 45, then dailies is the main way, outside of that you can farm the 2 bosses that spawn in the hut in misty woods.
  6. NA vs EU

    NcSoft NA doesn't have the man power World Of Warcraft does. NcSoft is most likely maintaining EU servers remotely so that means they have to take them all down at the same time. Since this is NcSoft NA is obvious the time would be beneficial to NA people. You guys could petition to get it sent to gameforge if they can't provide EU friendly times?
  7. LvL 45 what to do now

    Donjons? The PVE gear and the PVP gear is different. If you want to focus more on PVP, do your dailies constantly and if you can farm the two bosses that spawn at the huts in misty woods. Get the prestige points and turn them into faction points to help you rank up outside of dailies. The higher the rank, the better pvp gear you can get. Also getting 160 insignia from those same bosses will allow you to get the pvp bopae. I can't help much with PVE as I mainly pvp, I do my dailies for money and I do jut enough pve to upgrade my weapons, rings, etc.
  8. Disconnected from server (.300)

    Because people like you need to feel ashamed lmao. And so you can learn, but you'd have to actually read for that.
  9. I don't think any complaining (except for Eu players cause of time) should be done honestly. Funny thing is, when stuff happens that's reasonably, unreasonable, NCsoft usually gives some kind of compensation.
  10. Disconnected from server (.300)

    Then why not read? Don't waste our time cluttering the forums with threads with the information literally under your thread. .___.
  11. Disconnected from server (.300)

    Rude? No just amazed by the sheer effort you HAD to use to not read. Maintenance threads are literally 90% of the first 2 pages, not to mention the thread by staff saying it's scheduled maintenance. You had to deliberately not read to not see any of that. So no, people should ignore posts like this.
  12. cant login

    You have to uninstall, that's what that error means.
  13. Disconnected from server (.300)

    People should ignore posts like this. ._.
  14. Philippine Player Questions [Ping]

    Like others have stated the NA servers are in Texas and the EU servers are in Germany. Since this is the NA/EU branch there are no servers located closer to the Philippines. The only way to reduce ping would be to get WTFast or battleping.
  15. Not good enough NCSoft. I quit.

    Can I have your gold?