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  1. Wind KFM: Ancestral vs Invincible

    So I had the opportunity to compare both the Ancestral and Invincible combination badge. They both provide similar results, but the best choice depends on your ability (or inability) to speed cancel RF. I've listed the Pros/Cons and further details of each badge, in this spreadsheet linked below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IMnTDS78yjcs13gwPwptEoDHFKO3y4_mXYUk_B5NZD8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Sever transfer unavailble?

    Anyone know when it will be available again?
  3. Buying keys and free to play

    So many F2p babies out there, makes me sad to be one of you. Don't cry on forums because you decided not to buy keys.
  4. Non-paying players balance issue

    You wouldn't be saying this if you spent some money on this game yesterday and got horrible pulls. Besides, this applies to ALL players, including us F2p. Any keys purchased yesterday will be returned, not just the ones bought with Ncoin. Don't whine on forums if you didn't bother to buy any with Hcoins.
  5. Need help with tanking

    I have mained KFM (as a tank) since the game was released here in NA/EU. I only play as a tank, and even if there's a BM in the party I will always fight them for aggro (unless it would result in a wipe for the party, like BT). The reason I do this is because most other 'tanks' in bns have no idea what tanking really means. All they really do is hold aggro, and that's it. Real tanks don't spam Q/E all over the place, real tanks control the boss and keep them facing in one direction as much as possible. Easily doable if you try. That said, let's get into facts about KFM. First and foremost, I have always tested both builds every time our class gets a new change or a badge, and I can tell you without a doubt, Wind is by far suited for tanking. Fire sucks. And as far as dps goes for the two, Wind has been top dawg since it's buff when DT came out. If anyone tells you otherwise, they have never really tried wind, or they suck balls at it. What makes wind so much better (especially for tanking) is how fast your skills go off with animation canceling. It's very easy to sneak in lots of dps in between boss attacks, fire build cannot do this very well. Also, wind is far better at holding aggro, after the recent Threat addition to Comet Strike. Not only does Wind Comet have a higher base damage, it also can be used twice before put on cooldown. Paired with Primal Force, and you can hold aggro fairly easily. Especially during BB. And as far as gear goes, DO NOT get Seraph. It's terrible for KFM, even with fire. I have never seen a kfm with Seraph do decent dps. Save your mats up and shoot right for Stage 4 Baleful. And try not to take advice from Fire build mains, most of them don't really know how to play kfm very well. When tanking, keep in mind that our new Avenging Fist has an iframe, this makes it great when you have Hongmoon Elbow smash. You can block a first hit, and use avenging fist to follow up. This actually works better than the buff you get from a successful Counter. Also, Pivot Kick resists most ccs. It's hard to use at the right time, but very helpful if you want to just face tank an attack that you'd normally have to block or avoid. Try to avoid using Q/E as much as possible, as a tank it's your job to keep boss's predictable. If you're spamming Q/E, you melee dps won't be able to tell when a surprise attack is coming. Simply put, you put the effort into keeping the boss under control, and your team will kill it much faster. They won't have to worry about dodging at random times. As for rotations, they are far more complicated than Fire, but once you take the time to master them you will always have high dps (provided bosses aren't slapping you around). Before I begin though, one of the most important things to know about Wind KFM is proper searing palm management. Searing Palm should be thought more of as a buff, because the damage it does is not very high. Most people have no idea how to use it properly and spam it like there is no tomorrow. Simply wrong. The more frequently you use Palm, the less your overall dps will be. Proper palm use goes like this, Fight starts > Rush to stage 2 asap > Wait till stage 2 has about 7 sec or less > Apply Stage 3 > Wait till stage 3 has about 5 sec or less > Apply Stage 4. If done correctly--combined with iframes/iron shoulders/pivot kicks/Avenging Fists for resets--by the time stage 4 ends Searing Palm's overall cd will have ended and you can proceed to rushing stage 2 and repeating. As far as rotations go, Wind KFM isn't always about 2rf or RF spam. Your rotation changes depending on the situation you are in, your build, your team, and the boss you are facing. For Example, My normal starting rotation for most low tier dungeons is as follows - 1 > Rmb > X (stage 1 palm) > 2rf > F > 2(anicancel) > 4 > 4 > F > 4 > X (Stage 2) > V (Tremor) > Tab (BB) > then 4 > RF > 4 > RF > 4 (till BB ends) > X (Roaring Tiger) > X > (Stage 3) > Then 2rf spam in between blocks/Iron shoulder > X (stage 4) > RF spam till stage 4 ends. Try not to forget to keep using Comet Strikes in between BB as well. Just remember, without Skyrift Mystic badge, it's easiest and faster to get your Comet off after a Pivot Kick. So Smite > Pivot Kick > Comet > Cyclone > Comet (F > 2 > 4 > 4 > F > 4) This is really great practice in general, but even better when you have primal force, to make full use of it. Now if there's a wl in the pt, and you know they are good at popping SB early, you don't want to waste your Searing Palm. So your starter will look like this - Tab (Flying Slam) > 2RF > F > 2 (anicancel) > 4 > 4 > F > 4 > V (Tremor) > Tab (BB). This combo will put you in sync with most good WLS, you'll be able to drop Tremor right before SB (Which is what you want), and pop BB right when SB goes off. Now this part is very important, if you don't have Skyrift, Comet is a huge waste of Dps during sb, even with a perfect rotation. Just pretend you don't even have a 4 while SB is up (without Skyrift ofc). A perfect SB rotation goes like this - X (Awakened Searing Palm) > RF spam (until SB has 7 sec left) > X (Awakened Palm) > RF Spam (Until SB has 1 second left) > X (awakened palm) one last time > RF Spam for 10 more seconds. The only reason you want to use searing palm during SB is for the 10 sec buff it grants Cyclone Kick (In short, boosts it's damage and allows it to be used freely) If done correctly, your dps will be sky high. As for Soul Badges, I would strongly recommend Primal Force, or Holy Fire (bugged atm, doesn't work with Tremor's 20% crit damage, but still a great badge). Most will recommend Magnum cause Shiro or AALaguna does. Sure, it's an option, but it's mostly worthless to any kfm who uses searing Palm properly. The best boosts to your DPS will be Primal Force or Holy Fire. Later on you can combine the two, or combine Primal Force with Transcendence (Probably the better option). Below is a video I did on some of the badges. Quality isn't that great (too lazy to reupload), but I left a detailed pros/cons and tips in the description. Happy Trails. Oh and my average ping is 130 - 160.
  6. MSP Ap Buff?

    So I heard players in faction chat talking about an ap buff you get by watering the plants at the same time, and how they used that to melt stage 5 and stage 6. I wanted to try it out for myself but the raid leader in my alliance insisted there was no such thing. Though after a terrible strategy of sending buff/burst characters (Kfms, Wls, and fms) in pairs to just sit at mobs the entire fight, I was inclined to believe the leader was nothing short of an idiot. (Not exaggerating, he told them to sit there the entire fight). We could not even come close to clearing stage 5, (with an alliance full of 650+). I was thinking the ap buff was removed on other regions further ahead in patches, (which is why he said that) but we currently have it. Do we? And if so, what is the timing required? Is it all four plants at once? Thank you for your time.
  7. Can confirm. This works. Playing as I type this.
  8. Lovely raging harder than a fat kid who got his WoW account taken away, and I'm salty?
  9. By the way you rage about money, I assume $10 is hard for you to come by. How much allowance does mommy give you? Like $2 a week? Yeah? I guess you have a right to be mad.
  10. Nah, I got these forums and phone apps to satisfy me till the game is fixed.
  11. Am I the only person who has experienced no issues other than right now? And wasted my own 3 day head start playing phone apps when I could have been playing Bns? NCsoft better refund me for my choices.
  12. That's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Why didn't you just buy the Initiate pack then? Since playing early was your only benefit to paying? THE 3 DAY HEADSTART IS NOTHING COMPARED TO YOUR MASTER PACK PERKS! LOL
  13. Please. There will be tryhards who hit max level so fast, a 3 day head start wouldn't matter to them. What are you going to do at max level while f2p players grind? Get a few more rep points? Daily quests? Like the other guy said. The main important things were name res, guild res, founder pack perks, and some nc coin. This isn't cbt anymore. The game isn't going away on the 19th. And if you claim to of wasted your money cause you couldn't play for a mere 3 days, then why did you even buy a master pack?
  14. I think the real problem is you live a very unhappy life and require games in order to fill that bottomless pit of anger and depression. So when the game isn't there for you, you crash. Hard.
  15. See? This guy knows what's up.