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  1. Don't be this guy, please.

    The solution for this is like Guild Wars 2, make the mobbs, npc,s sharable, make damage on them and get update. Otherwise people will do this, because they dont want to stand and wait for the shit to respawn, having a system where the first one to make damage on the npc to get update will just end in this.
  2. Is the game slowly dying?

    So just because the game dosent have a 2000 quene the game is dying ? i dont understand your reasoning. i where in Misty woods yesterday and pvp,ed and like 200+ people where on the same place and it lagged like shit, so yeah. The game isnt dead and there is no quene times for either instances or Arena. So lots of people are still playing the game.
  3. Servers Down?

    Had the last boss on 30% in Bloodshade Harbour then people starting getting offline and then i got dc,ed aswell, so guess the servers died screaming.
  4. Enough is enough

    Weird i play on EU servers, Starfall Creater and i have no lagg issues. The only thing i get is like 10-15 fps when i fight big open world boss battles, and sometimes the whole game freezes due to the large ammout of people at the same place. But i never had any lagg issues in Arena or Dungeons.
  5. Abuse of pvp clothes.

    Oh look another whining kid that dont know they got neutral clothing that people cant attack, here is some suggestions for you. 1. Take of the faction clothes, dont use them if you dont want to get killed, 2. Stop whining about PvP in a PvP game when you got the option not to get killed.
  6. Sometimes i get Marketplace Temporarily Unavailable, and sometimes it works. Some people on Reddit said it's a Windows 10 related issue with Windows firewall and Windows Defender. So i really dunno, do i have to remove Windows defender + Windows firewall in order for this games marketplace to function?
  7. BnS VS WoW

    i have played wow since the beta, and B&S i played since the closed beta. Both are great mmorpgs with their own strenght and weakness, i say both. They dont need to compete with each other anyways. WoW is a mmorpg focused heavy on PvE, B&S is nearly only PVP.
  8. Players abusing the distrubtion methods

    Or NcSoft should remove the option to change loot options, they should have 1 certain loot option for everyone. And a group leader in a random dungeon fiender shouldent be able to change the loot, problem solved.
  9. Game crashes

    Well, the game seems to start for me now, so was only temporality, i know about the Razer issue though so i understand why you post that :) It's a miracle how they havent fixed the Razer issue yet, the devs need to fix this pronto.
  10. Launcher issues with repair files

    i get this, when i try to start the game.
  11. Game crashes

    i already did all that, this game worked 1 hour ago, and now it doesent work. Just saying "cant connect to update server" Pretty sure this is a server problem and not a Razer issue.
  12. Game crashes

    i have to start all razer programs, then start the game and login after that i have to close all razer programs, or i crash after 10-15 minutes. i really dunno how they havent figured out this problem yet.
  13. disconnected from server

    Cant connect to the game now, saying i get no connection to the update server.
  14. Good thing i bought 391 days of Premium, i will have currency drop all day long.
  15. How do the Yun reproduce?

    They do like the Amazons.
  16. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    lol so much femenist bullshit crap :D go cry a river, if you dont want slutty outifts you shouldent even be playing this game, from the trailers of this game you could clearly see what type of armors and outfits this game would have. If you dont want sexy outfits, go play WoW or some other weastern game.
  17. New Patch Support/Fix Thread!

    Did as the OP said, turned off the Chroma keyboard, removed the game guard folder and made a file repair, then i restarted the computer and now i have played 40 minutes without crasching. Thanks for saving me from going mentally insane.
  18. New Patch Support/Fix Thread!

    i am running Windows 10, GTX 980 TI and Razer Black Chroma. i have this silly problem all the time, the last patch when you simply had to update the drivers it worked wonders, after this patch/update it was back at crasching.
  19. New Patch Support/Fix Thread!

    At launch i had to turn off Razer Synapase and all other Razer things for it to work. After update i had to update Razer Synapase in order for the game to work without crasching and now after an update it crasches again, i start to get very tierd of this.
  20. Shouldent even be possible to activate Masterloot in a dungeon finder party, some kind of protection they need to put in. Or simply remove the masterloot from the option as a leader for this kind of instance. Master loot for a manually created party is understandable, not dungeon finder.
  21. Pornographic profile Pictures.

    Thats your opinion, whats offensive for you isnt offensive for others.
  22. Constant Crashing

    Have crashed 3 times when i try to start the game, the Blade and Soul logo appears then after 5-10 seconds of loading the game client crashes.
  23. Ncoin

    Ok :) well i have just been lucky then, this release/launch havent been smooth so it wouldent surprise me if they have server or maintence issues when it comes to that function also.
  24. Ncoin

    i have bought NcSoft Coins 5 times always been instant delivery, maybe transaction delay with the bank? if you dont use creditcard with a quick internet bank or PayPal.
  25. Another error blablabla i guess the servers are down again? Time to sleep then and hope the servers are back up tomorrow.