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  1. Hi, there are 5 slots available, whisper the advisor Akita Neru for invite since I can't online till later afternoon ;(
  2. Hi, I also can't Edit my Profile, it says You are not allowed to edit this profile I just want to put Server: Poharan on my profile
  3. So you want people to stop QQing and pretend nothing happen? That's a genius way to resolve an issue.... NOPE This thread isn't the first thread pointing the imbalance in Factions, there are tons of them https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/search/?type=all&q=faction+imbalance some come with suggestions and solution. People dont just QQ without reason. The more QQ we have, the more devs realize the severity of the issue, the faster we have it fixed, just take a look at Hall of Ogong wall issue, tons of players QQ'd about it, tons of thread made, and guess what it's fixed n
  4. bots and goldseller spammers make them even. Everytime the blue population "Full", by the next minute you will see them back to "even" and you will see those bots at the starter town started to taking up spaces in Crimson and spamming gold selling on /faction (or the reverse).
  5. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/166628-dear-ncsoft-please-look-into-faction-balance-before-it-completely-died/
  6. Hi according to what my friend said, once the patch hits you don't gain HM XP again, instead your XP will level you up from 45 to 50, after you hit 50 you start accumulate Hongmoon XP level. So you are now Level 45 HM2 -> Patch up (Stays HM2) You level again to 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 MAX You level up your HM2, HM3, HM4 -> to HM10
  7. I want to know this as well, anyone can answer? my accessories aren't maxed yet and still on Awakened Siren
  8. Just because you never see ppl do the hack that doesnt mean the hack doesnt exist and it's all in those QQers imagination. I swear I saw the hacking recording somewhere, on this forums or reddit, couldn't find it anymore. The one that I know are still able to move even CC'd, or even after death they can still move around. Also the flying summoners hack
  9. Hey, is gameguard disabled now? Just opened the client and was surprised with the fast loading, and when i check my tray, the gameguard blue shield isn't there. I guess it's disabled again??
  10. edited, added On NA. I know nothing about EU server
  11. Yes that img doesn't make any sense. (on NA) Cerulean Orders, by total players population is far superior in number than the Crimson Legion. Take look at top 3 servers in term of population, everywhere you see ceruleans ceruleans ceruleans ceruleans. Even in cross server dungeon, blue are everywhere, everytime I see ceruleans and a combat sound, I see red being ganked by at least 4 of them. The only place where Red is superior is on smaller population servers. Your image will make sense if you replace the blue (ceruleans) as zergs, and the crimson
  12. I want yoroi armor for my destroyer, or any "armored" outfit. But all we have on store are thin fabric thingy.. The only armored like outfit we have are Triumph (locked to jin), and stratus uniform or something. but i want more :(
  13. This does not solve the issue, someone said, this is like saying "Omg, there are cockroaches in my house! But instead of using insecticide I will just burn my house down"
  14. Level up more? Why you want to chat so bad at lv 11? I smell something fishy here, you aren't gold spammers are you?
  15. Level up more? Why you want to chat so bad at lv 11?
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