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  1. Moonwater Stones will drop in price once the new stone recipe is released. They are already really cheap. Everyone could farm the recipe within a few hours once you hit 50. As soon as we get the 50 patch all old bosses / old content will be nerved. If you play KR you will notice that every 45 boss has 50% less hp compared to our version.

  2. 1 hour ago, Trinket said:

    From the looks of it, there is actual PvE content in BDO, however.


    Here, for now, it's just one big prayer for RNG and the same dungeons.

    No there isnt. There are Field bosses that count as "raid". But thats like killing Lycant... There is no PvE content the only thing you can do is grind levels or craft/trade/gather.


    Oh and btw they increased the time you need to level up 3 times compared to the Korean version. The Highest KR player is around 68 the last time i checked and now think about leveling 3 times slower. Have fun pvping against people with way more free time as you as soon as they get the 50+ish weapons. Leveling from 50 to 60 is about 1k-2k hours ingame.


    You call grinding 1k hours endgame? I dont. There is a reason why BDO isnt popular in KR anymore. Mark my words BDO will be dead after 4-6 Weeks exactly like ArcheAge. ArcheAge was overhyped just like BDO with almost the same features but without any endgame. The only thing BDO has is really good graphics. Other than that you can play it for 4 weeks and have fun but then once you realise leveling takes forever and a normal person wont ever reach max-level and all you do at 50+ is fish or grind mobs yeah.. Not worth it.

  3. On 13.2.2016 at 2:34 AM, Littlekung said:

    "of course upgrading weapons makes them worse" oh sorry I didn't know....

    Worse? you do know that even 1 attack power is stronger than 40 crit?

    On 15.2.2016 at 10:59 PM, Virtue said:

    i just spent 130g upgradin to awakened pirate only to gain 14 attack power. i think the bigger problem isnt upgrade stats, but the state of the market...

    130 Gold isnt that much. 2 45's as premium get around 30g each day by daylies. And "only" 14 attack power is stronger than 200 crit on your weapon. Why do you think you "only" get 1-2 on ring? Attack Power is the most important and strongest stat you can get.

  4. 2 hours ago, JinRoh said:


    wer auf solchen seiten kauft, sollte dann aber nicht rumjammer, falls sein account gebannnt wurde.

    Wer auf solchen "Seiten" kauft wird sicher nicht gebannt. Zumindest nicht wenn er auf anständigen Seiten kauft. Wer auf den Seiten kauft die im Chat gespammt werden ist selbst schuld.


    Das ändert aber nichts daran, dass der momentane Kurs gold seller noch fördert. So lange 1000 ncoins nicht ca 100 Gold sind wird man immer "illegal" mehr bekommen können. Und wer sich auch nur ein bisschen damit auskennt weis genau, dass man im seltensten Falle erwischt wird wenn man die richtigen Seiten kennt.


    Somit ist der momentane Kurs einfach ein Witz.

  5. 13 hours ago, Virtue said:


    i'm sorry, im still really comfused. :( so this breeze weapon will be a completely separate upgrade path only available to warlocks? Then what does pirate upgrade to?


    Breeze(50) is way stronger than Pirate(45). If you get to Pirate before the Patch you will be able to upgrade to Breeze. If you only got to Siren before the new Patch you will be able to upgrade to True Oath Breaker.


    The difference is that Pirate gives a total of 3 "buffs".


    +crit chance buff

    +focus reg

    +skill dmg increase


    while every single weapon before Breeze or Pirate does only have Focus reg.


    Not even talking about the attack damage because the difference between Breeze and Siren is insane.


    If you dont have True Pirate before 50:


    - You will have a hard time clearing dungeons. (Compare it to bsh with full inferno gear(as example). it takes forever compared to a full siren groups).

    - You will need to go back to old 45 Content and farm materials that are required to upgrade weapons between 45 and 50.

    - You will need a lot more time leveling

    - You will need to spend more Gold for offering weapons to upgrade items.

    - You wont be able to clear a few dungeons at 50 without Breeze.


    What do you do if you just hit 45 / Siren?


    - Try to upgrade your weapon as much as possible. Even if you dont get to Pirate in time you will still skip (depending on your current weapon) a few stages from the new path.

    - You do not need to upgrade your ring/amu to Siren if you dont have enough gold. Use it for the weapon instead and save materials to upgrade your ring/amu later when you have enough gold.

    - Going from True Siren to True Pirate is really not that hard even if you dont play several hours a day. Compared to 50 content the Pirate path is really really easy. If you need Gold play pvp and sell the SoulStones - Craft Radiant Ring Pouch (need recipe (cheap)) - Craft Merry Potters Tempered Bowl (need recipe). Do not sell Moonwater Tran* because the income from simply selling the materials you need to craft the Stones will give you more gold on most servers compared to selling the stones.


    What happens if i only have Awakened Siren/Pirate?


    - Depending on your current weapon you will be able to upgrade to the next Stage.


    As example.


    If you got to True Siren before 50 you will be able to upgrade to -> True Oath Breaker.


    If you got to True Pirate before 50 you will be able to upgrade to -> True Breeze.


    If you only got to Awakened Siren before 50 you will be able to upgrade to -> i believe Awakened Oath Breaker.


    After level 50 content is released there is no more Profane->Siren->Pirate Path anymore. You wont be able to upgrade from Awakened Siren to True Siren. You are only able to upgrade from Siren/Pirate to one of the new stages depending on your current Weapon Stage. People who just hit Profane will need to upgrade from Profane->Oath->Awakened Oath->True Oath->Awakened Breeze->True Breeze while leveling.




  6. Just now, Puppy Pie said:

    explain the "if you don't have merry potters recipe." part please

    does the recipe help reduce cost or something?

    yes it does help but what i was trying to say: 


    Nr 1 Gold income from crafting:

    Merry Potters


    If you dont have Merry Potters the best way to make money by crafting is Radiant Ring.

  7. 1 minute ago, Purestic said:

    Uhm, okay. I don't really understand what you're talking about, could you explain? Didn't really look into all the crafting stuff.

    If you have the Radiant Ring profession and the Recipe (really cheap at market) you can craft 1 epic diamond pouch every 12 hours.


    The crafting cost is really low.

    20 Penta Fragments (easy to get via brightstone or mushin runs or just buy them)

    25 Granite (cheap)

    1 feather (cheap)

    2 (forgot the name) (aquired by merry potters profession or purchase it on the market)


    You can get 3-4 different gems 400~Defence 25 additional damage 25 attack damage and i'm not sure but i think 1 more. Correct me if there are only 3 different Diamond penta gems.


    if you get the 25 attack damage gem you can sell it for 30-40 Gold. If you get one of the other gems salvage it to get back a few fragments and try again.

  8. Just now, Rundar said:

    i doubt the lvl 50 patch will come that soon... i hope, if they do come out that soon its as if we dont even have time to upgrade our stuff yet. besides the hardcore player

    They said from the beginning they will catch up to KR within 6 months to be able to participate in ESL. That is also the reason why our current PvE content is nerved compared to Korean launch PvE. Everything is so easy so you get your items faster. Korean launch pve was hard as hell compared to our version. They usually release new content as soon as daylie dash ends.


    Even if we get 50 in 1 month we are still not even close to the korean version. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Alkard said:

    Mate, where is your Open pvp? 10-20 min each day to kill 10 oppositive opponents? and every1 selling the kills for a gold? 
    What is a reason to waste of time in open pvp ? Any reward? Nope , any tittle? Nope , Any clan wars? Nope. 
    Only Arena gives you some reward.

    Do you even realise that i'm talking about 50?

  10. Just now, Alkard said:

    Yes, you missed. This game die till new content will arrive . This game have no end game at all. 

    I missed Lineage 2 so much :<

    You do realise that the next content is 50? And we will get it within the next 2 Months. Probably when the daylie dash ends. And please dont tell me that B&S will die because of BDO that has no endgame even in KR and isnt even popular in KR anymore.


    2 minutes ago, Dymence said:


    I'm only at awakened siren 10 and all jewelry awakened infernal 10. Should I get all jewelry to awakened siren 10 and then rush to true pirate?

    Upgrade your Jewelry if you have the gold. If you can get gold from crafting then yes otherwise save your gold and upgrade your weapon.

    2 minutes ago, Purestic said:

    Can you even farm enough gold to upgrade to True Pirate weapon + atleast Awakened Siren accesoires until 50s patch? Not with only one character, right?

    I have all Jewelry upgradet to Siren aswell as weapon and we still have around 1-2 months time to upgrade our weapon so yes ofc gold isnt really hard to get even with one character. You can craft the epic pouch from Radiant Ring every 12 hours and the crafting cost is around 2g if you buy the materials (dont buy fragments easy to get via dungeon/mushin). You have a 1/4 chance to get the 25 attack gem and sell it for 30-40 gold if you dont have merry potters recipe.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Alkard said:

    As i said PVP arena dont use your items so WHY????


    1. Not everyone cares about arena

    2. Have fun leveling with profane to 50

    3. Once 50 when gear counts in pvp (not arena tho) and open pvp is actually important you will need to upgrade


  12. 1 minute ago, Alkard said:

    I allways wonder why ppl want upgrade so much? What is a purpose? You lost 200g+ for max 10 dmg more and what? This game dont have any purpoe, dont have any clan war and epic fight bosses or mass pvp ( only 10 min for doing quest) . Im doing everything solo with Profane so why i need a freakin pirate? 

    Pvp arena how own stats and enchant eq is useless here also.

    Can some1 explain me what is a purpose of enchanting anything in this game? 

    Well read the last 5-6 posts. And you will understand.


    1 minute ago, Rundar said:

    but our version of soulshields are following the CN stats ... so... how are you certain o.o


    Our version is following CN however.. not 100%. we get a simple version to get to the same content CN already has as fast as possible. That is the reason why we will be able to upgrade from Pirate to Breeze instead of salvaging Pirate and start all over again with a new path that will take way longer.

  13. 8 minutes ago, Rundar said:

    how does the soul work? i dont get it, will we have alot of different soul to slot in our soul inventory to boost x stats? is our version getting the pirate soul from salvaging it?

    Pirate Soul was only aviable on CN Servers. You will not need to salvage the pirate weapon in our version. Souls do increase stats The Pirate soul was just a cheap soul you could get fast and easy on CN Servers but thats it otherwise the Pirate weapon would be useless. Since we can upgrade from Pirate to breeze we do not need to salvage our weapon at all. 


    The most important thing is that you have way faster clear speed with True Pirate once 50 dungeons are aviable. Some dungeons cant be cleared without Pirate weapons. If you dont have Pirate you will need weeks to get all the materials you need until you get to the same gear level. You will need materials from the "old" 45 content and most people who already have Pirate wont go there again. So you need to find a group that does old content and farm it until you have all the mats from the old content. Then you need mats from the new content but since your weapon is really weak compared to Pirate you will have a hard time farming the new items.


    All you need to know is:


    1. upgrade as far as you can get

    2. save up gold for upgrading your Pirate to Breeze

    3. Do not salvage Pirate weapon (even if you get a soul by doing so which isnt confirmed yet!) because the soul isnt worth it since you can upgrade from Pirate to Breeze.

  14. 4 minutes ago, Kaze22 said:

    Glaube gelesen zu haben, dass man für alles, Bank und Inventar, 83€ bezahlt...

    So in etwa richtig. Ich hab alles freigeschalten Bank+Inventar und für die letzten beiden Inventar Stufen benötigst du wenn ich mich recht erinnere 35 und 50~ Taschen. Die zweite Bank Seite ist am günstigsten im Vergleich zur ersten welche deutlich mehr benötigt.


    Allerdings bekommst du jedes mal 2 Taschen wenn du via Daylie Dash wieder am Start ankommst. 2 monate lang. Somit als Premium ca 2-4 pro woche

  15. 12 minutes ago, Rundar said:

    how are we certain we are going to get these tho? i heard something similar tho but different, someone saying that you gotta get a second hongmoon weapon and upgrade it to true profane, and the current true profane to upgrade to true pirate to salvage it to get a SOUL pirate which gives additional crit and power not sure if true but thast what he said.

    In other versions you could salvage your Pirate weapon and get the Pirate Soul.

    That is the reason why they said you need another hongmoon weapon to upgrade from Profane to Breeze. But we will be able to upgrade from Pirate to Breeze so there is no reason to get a second hongmoon weapon.


    You can get Souls (if we even have souls at 50 launch) from farming dungeons at 50 for special items. If you combine all items you will get a soul.

  16. 5 minutes ago, Rundar said:

    how are we certain we are going to get these tho? 

    because they said on stream that we will get the same/similar path compared to Taiwan. Read this for more informations 


    50 upgrade Path


    In the End 


    True Profane to Breeze will be cheaper with 50 mats BUT it is still more expensiv and will take longer to get because you can get to true pirate really really easy with the current patch. 


    Just imagine leveling and clearing dungeons at 50 with profane until you get the mats to upgrade and the new recipe. It takes forever and is a pain in the ass.


  17. 7 minutes ago, Rundar said:

    i did not understand what you tried to say? what will get deleted?

    Once we get the 50 Patch:


    • Upgrading from Profane to Siren or from Siren to Pirate isnt possible anymore.

    • If you have True Pirate you can upgrade from True Pirate to True Breeze.




    The most important point is:

    • Every single weapon until Breeze does not have any Skill Damage increase it only has Focus Reg aswell as WAY less damage.

    • The time you need for leveling without Pirate aswell as the time for clearing 50 dungeons without Pirate is INSANE. you are weeks behind if you dont have True Pirate before the next patch. 


    The upgrading cost from Profane to Breeze after the patch is INSANE compared to the current cost to Pirate.

    Another point is you will save around 4x the materials if you go from Pirate to Breeze instead of Profane to Breeze.


    Blue Text isnt tradeable


    True profane10 > True breeze 1 
    Total gold + material 
    202.50 gold (transform + break through cost)
    980 soul stone 
    12 moonwater trans 
    18 silver frost trans 
    52 poh perfume 
    36 Hae Mujin’s Machismo
    137 moon stone 
    240 poison needle
    7 plate
    220 silver frost refiner 

    True pirate10 > true breeze 1
    38 gold
    220 soul stone
    10 silver frost trans
    70 moon stone
    190 poison needle
    7 plate 


    So trust me UPGRADE to True Pirate ASAP