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  1. Mushin's Tower Floor 1 to 7 - Blade Dancer

    Any chance you could post your build some other way? bnstree doesnt seem to be working
  2. Chapter 30 (RESOLVED)

    Oops I totally missed them standing up there lmao Im stupid. Thankyou!
  3. Chapter 30 (RESOLVED)

    This quest is buggy as hell for me, I got to the part with "Use the Dragon Pulse to travel to Jiwan Peak" then there's something about following a girl, who I did see before using the Dragon pulse. When I got there, the game decided to close itself (lag or smth I suppose) and now when I try and do the quest there's no-one there at the peak and when I go to the yellow marker nothing happens. I've killed Yehang several times already (which is getting really tedious) and if I get out of combat to use the dragon pulInsert other mediase, I get instakilled in mid-air (cant recover chi, just dead) I cant abandon and restart the quest as its main story and I really don't know what to do as this is stopping progress, any ideas?
  4. Temptation outfit

    Read the other replies, you get it tomorrow. The day after maintenance
  5. Outfits like 'first step' and some others that have been on sale for a while, not talking about the limited rotation items. Edit: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/hongmoon-store-spring-clearance these
  6. Temptation outfit

    Literally none of you read do you? It says THE DAY AFTER MAINTENANCE. Not "right away after maintenance". On the 17th NOT the 16th for this week for people who got to 45 after last weeks maint.
  7. E Fleet Poharan Daily quest not dropping chest

    It is about damage, I had the same problem and sent a ticket to support after asking on twitter, if you die and dont get ressed you need to do enough damage again iirc
  8. 1 - 45 in less than 24hrs? [Guide]

    Idk if its different on NA or other versions but you cant buy the xp soup on the market place, just thought I'd mention in :x
  9. free portraits, but im picky >>

    My warlock & My Blade dancer your art looks lovely btw
  10. I'm not really that bothered about the maintenance, its annoying when its long hours several times in a week and I can play other stuff/go offline but whats more annoying to me is wasting money because we lose premium time, and it doesn't matter how many times you ask about compensation they don't respond or do anything about it, that's what I find inconsiderate. I liked having premium but I wont renew it because I know it's just a waste of money with all the downtime.