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  1. "it's only 40 copper"

    I mean I basically agree with you that the current state of the game is fine and not P2W as of now but as you said some people's definition of P2W might be different and I don't see anything wrong with people complaining about it if their reasoning is valid the reaction to such post were usually quite 'unpleasant' which I find unfortunate ok maybe I didn't worded that correctly. But my point is this is my first time playing game published by NCSoft and a lot people in it is very supportive and more 'on the side' of the publisher especially about their F2P model and premium benefit (which I personally don't find much problem on, but It's definitely far from great). and yes you're correct in that a lot of the topics people posted are complain thread, but look at it at another way, maybe if the game have less 'problems' people will start posting such thing as "which zone is the coolest". and nah I'm not emotional or anything, as I said it's a refreshing experience for me. well uh I'm sorry i guess that my post offend you in some way these "you are a kid" argument are seriously getting old though
  2. What is the drop rate of Dark Sandstorm?

    oh crap, I wanted to start farming that spider fang but the rate looks absolutely disgusting I mean I literally never saw anyone wearing it in game so far, granted this is my first time playing BnS.
  3. "it's only 40 copper"

    ? that is a hilariously bad comparison try this for a dota 2 example, "a premium member will gain 3 gold per sec instead of 1.5", and yeah that is P2W and won't ever get implemented by Valve. I'm not saying this thing made BnS pay-to-win because by definition it's not (not yet anyway) but NCSoft honestly strike me as a company that will definitely do it if chances arrives I mean the game forum has a stupid high amount of white knight and fanboy compared to ANY game forum I play before, It's actually kinda hilarious and refreshing experience lmao actually no you can hardly "play with the market" as a f2p user as the game limit the item you sell at AH at 10 items/day.
  4. Do they think this is a game?

    get a room you two, the kids are watching
  5. Question about the Yun

    making a class exclusive for yun will definitely add a controversy such as "I want to play X but only yun has it and I don't want to play as female!" well Yun is unique in as you say aesthetics, they are built slender and model-like with more reserved clothing in general
  6. Who do we pay when we Windstride?

    where do you think the bots get their money?
  7. Do they think this is a game?

    real question is who grabbed the name Cricket
  8. Cant get the freaking drop

    I don't remember survey giving viridian and cinderlands key, they do give 1 moonwater key though
  9. Ridiculous drop rate.

    yeah rng can be really really suck if you're unlucky your best bet at blackram narrow is to wait for the last boss to drop the gauntlet, those weapon chests are probably rigged with lowered chance to drop your own class weapon
  10. In Cinderlands the place with all crafting and gathering guilds are in Yehara's town (forgot the exact name) also you can receive and order items anywhere in the map, to order open the crafting menu (press L)
  11. Not gonna pay for mail system......

    thank the God for the ignore user function, some people are so high up in their horses they they even turn a legit complain thread into their condescending parade heh. the current system f ucking sucks.period. There's no way paying a real money for a Basic MMORPG Feature is the way to go, especially when It even made you unable to send mail to your alts. like wtf?
  12. Profile Picture

    It is here to remind us that we're all plebs at the eyes of the devs that is unworthy of the privilege of custom avatar seriously though it will probably be implemented later, the forum still have few other things to fix (notice those ever 0 view count? yeah)
  13. Most profitable gathering crafts ?

    that's tree Feller, green thumb is the ones collecting muds and farming some wheat
  14. Keys

    your best bet is to do dailies for keys, should net you 10+ a day depending on the amount of dailies you can access. as for seals it is a bit more complicated but mobs from dungeons do drop them can't really recommend going the crafting route to get them, but It's your choice
  15. Server down or crashed ?

    so anyone have an educated guess as to what the heck exactly happened on the servers? I tend to think of the possibility of rat infestation