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  1. Treat Junghado like a player, if you dont, you are gonna lose.
  2. So i was recently informed about this tournament and about a disqualification that happened. http://www.twitch.tv/impbns/v/44668835 @ 2:28:30 is where the DQ occurs. Now im at a bit of a loss at understanding why he was DQ'd. He used a macro, so what? There are 100s of legitimate gaming mouses on sale with the ability to create complex macro's to use via extra buttons that anyone can purchase. These mice are not banned, they are not controlled and this is exactly what they are made for, to create macro's and make gaming easier for the player. So why was thi
  3. Let me teach you something a about MMO's, when a major content patch is looming, most people arent playing simply because they dont want to be burnt out - yet still channels are packed in pvp zones and you claim that its dead? Try log in on the 10th and see where you que is then.
  4. Release your name and a short video for proof, or forever be labled a cheat.
  5. 1. You're a hacker 2. You're an ass who master looted. 3. You abused the gold sellers and BOUGHT all that.
  6. Because nearly every other forum actually has Bot protection. NCsoft it appears really skimped on the details.
  7. Forums have had protection for many years...yet you guys dont?
  8. With the ice build you can get some insane damage off with Icy rain - however i dont use it at all - I use 3 buttons and still out dps/threat everyone and thats with LMB / RMB / 1 On frozen targets my 1 hits for 7k crits @ 50% chance with no management needed on the focus part and hits for 3-4k normal shots, with the fire build the only numbers i see higher than that come off Inferno and the odd Dragon Blaze. I suppose however you can go with a slightly less dps build with fire and not use RMB if you wish to ease your focus problems since it costs 1 focus to use.
  9. Yes - soul wardens can make crit shields with *Primer* in their name which take about 6g to make each however they have 250 crit on them - and afaik the fusing stats are based off how high the crit is on the sacrificed item.
  10. If you have lots of moneh use the blue primers with 250 crit to fuse with. That and you can farm the shields to find ones with passive crit, i have all 8 with crit and sitting @ 50% now
  11. Merry Potters is probably one of the best to make money with, you have to invest heavily into it though.
  12. Infinite Challenge. Its called that for a reason :P
  13. Go ice build - still dish out awesome damage, cc mobs and still beat everyone else's dps.
  14. CptTeemo

    FM Soloing

    If you want to solo IMO the ice build is the best - it has the same damage as fire and you pretty much NEVER run out of focus - you have the mobs constantly frozen/chilled your frosty spells can heal all in all its alot better to solo with.
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