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  1. 7 Days to delete a character!?

    Marketing m8, so you will buy a extra character slot.. But since this game is F2P and the game ISNT P2W, i can deal with this just fine..
  2. Stop failing NCSoft..

    Also nonsense, in order for them to instal a keylogger on your PC, is for them to let you download somthing.. ( Then you most be really stupid ) Also credit card fraud ? Dont really think so.. People use these service's just fine, thats why they WORK and KEEP existing.. ITS BECAUSE IT WORKS :)
  3. Stop failing NCSoft..

    I dont see why people, solve their own problems instead of waiting for NCsoft fixing a FREE TO PLAY GAME WHERE EVERYONE CAN MAKE A NEW ACOUNT.. YOU CANT FIX THIS SO SIMPLY, If it was p2p game, you would not have so much gold spammers since they need to pay agian if they get banned.. The only thing they can do is restrict spamming and other shit where other normal players will not be able to talk in certian chats for 20 levels
  4. Invisible Gauntlet

    I agree shit tons of skins are so bad, but a few skins are done very nicely.. I wish we get a IRON FIST skin thingy like Flyff had with billposters ( I believe thats how they where called )
  5. Stop failing NCSoft..

    Every MMO if played had gold spammers, NOW MAKE A NO SPAM TAB in your chat and you dont have to deal with it. I Do this for every MMO the past 15 years
  6. Daily Dash 02.06 - 04.06

    This is understandible, but at this moment there are TONS of items we WONT need at all at 45.. So balance it, but also make it usefull
  7. If played Aion also for years and i was a Spiritmaster.. Yes Spiritmaster where a bit OP in Aion 1vs1, but Aion was not all about 1vs1, it was about group PvP and raids.. Even if some people say it was not.. This game is focused on 1vs1 and summoners are freaking OP now at this moment ( Altough there are ways you can actually win if you just simply stunlock cat and kill it fast )
  8. Why are BM so crap in Arena?

    BM has a high skillcap, but srsly they are quite freaking GOOD ! If they know what to do at least...
  9. How long does it take to not suck?

    Depends on yourself, and what class you pick.. Some classes really dont need a lot of skill and have hard rotations, some really have.. Get destroyer or summoner if you dont want to learn and adapt.. or LBM Get sin or KFM if you want to learn or adapt, or even BM
  10. 5 reasons to whine about my class

    There is only 1 thing that is really broken and that is, when the cat finnaly gets you down.. The burst of Summoner + cat his DMG is insane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Furthermore l2p
  11. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Nerfed doesnt mean its less good then other classes, but thats good at least that it is fixed for us at least :)
  12. There is only one problem at this moment.. That is we got the 50 skill fixes for the level 50 content.. We are not level 50 yet so some classes have advantage over others.. Like summoners
  13. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I want to play Warlock as well, more for the fact when it comes out it will be OP as hell.. Also thats not a problem if you farm enough gold now ! You can get the same gear as your guildys as long as you farm the mats for the upgrading weapon
  14. Enable Server Transfers For EU/NA Servers

    The rediclious thing is that non premium members need to wait for ALL premium members to login.. And even if you want to get premium YOU NEED TO LOGIN..
  15. Can't keybind mouse's buttoms

    I hope not, since that way you can get macro
  16. Non-Premiums QQing about Queues

    Yes you are sounding like a elitest.. 1th buying early acces was already to much money for me.. i could not pay for another 15 euro's for NCcoins.. Because i life on myself, still study and work at same time, and i still can barely manage my incomes.. m SO *cricket* you ! And think out of the box.. That premium users have earlyer acces to the server is already kind of lame, BUT AT LEAST give normal people who also bought early acces a chance to login