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  1. Ticket Resolution Time?

    a few hours That's the time it takes for most of my tickets to get resolved.
  2. Can't access misty woods

    No problemo ;)
  3. Can't access misty woods

    Hello! To enter the misty woods you need to progress into the main story questline far enough. Just do some more "yellow" quests and you'll reach the misty woods automatically. About the dokumo weapon, it's an upgrade weapon. You get it from the skittering tunnels. If you where wondering about how you use it for the blackram supply chain, you can wear the dokumo weapon to enter but you have to actually wear it. I would however suggest to upgrade your hongmoon weapon to the point where you can fuse your hongmoon weapon with the dokumo weapon. If you fused your hongmoon and the dokumo you no longer need a dokumo weapon to enter since it's basically in your hongmoon weapon.
  4. Do you guys remember that time when...

    I'm sure as hell enjoying this game! I don't care about cash shop or RNG, they don't hinder me to have fun in any way or form Granted I see why people b*tch about certain things, but nothing is perfect. Enjoy playing y'all
  5. To many maintenances.

    1. You want EU employees to work nightshifts so you wouldn't have maint during working hours? that's selfish dude! 2. You want an even more broken server? Because rushing maint gets you a broken server. 3. Have you ever seen another MMO go live for this many players? the first few weeks of uptime for servers is rough, give them some time to sort things out. But hey, if you disagree with any of these you're spoiled and should learn to have patience.
  6. She's beautiful.. ?

    Yes, yes she is I would copy her if i knew how to xD