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  1. There is nothing wrong with random %. However when in various levels you notice that you open tons of chests get every class weapon thrice but yours? No it's wrong. It's there mostly to force you to buy hongmoon keys. Same thing with server queues or wardrobe, they won't change anything because the idea is to little by little try to make you buy in the cash-shop. Not because you want but because in many cases you are stuck. Which is bad for business but they're too greedy to realise that. I could pay a lot buying stuff from the shop I want and like. I've been lucky I never got stuck with no keys/ultra bad luck but some people are. Just stop the stupid asian RNG and add NPC selling items for a specific amount of tokens like every decent modern game.
  2. Gold Spam STILL Flooding Chat

    During 2 days I've seen the same bot spamming in the dungeon lobby. Same name, same message. The devs are working on solutions, but raising the level cap doesn't help because it just means bots farm a few quests and it's done. And since there are so many of them, there's no end to the spam. Like others said one way could be to ban users from the chat if they spam too much in a short time or spam more than 3 times the same message. With a progression in the ban duration : 20min, 1h, 10h etc. Something along those lines could work because every single goldspammer just spam over and over the same message. I remember Guild Wars 2 has something similar, even Guild Wars 1. There's still a few goldspam messages but it's not a lot. Hell, even Blizzard can't completely get rid of them, but a way to reduce the amount of same messages spammed would help greatly, chats like faction or LFG are dead because of that. It used to be nice back in headstart.
  3. 5 Hour Downtime again

    Yep, they tell you that the card or whatever is fraud, refund, and perma ban with no way to reactivate the account because that's that. End of the line. And you shall get the same reply whatever you do/tell them. Because Bloodlust said they wanted to export the game to the western market years ago, took them a long time for some reason.
  4. 5 Hour Downtime again

    "As I thought", why ? Because the way they act just tells us everything. Why can Blizzard do maintenance convenient for both EU and NA? Don't tell me it's size or money since other companies can do it too.
  5. 5 Hour Downtime again

    lol no, at best you'll have a bit less spam, but they'll still be here. With occasionnal bans and bans of innocent people as we saw in a few threads (because they bought NCcoins, doesn't make me want to spend more money since I bought the Master Pack knowing all that).
  6. 5 Hour Downtime again

    Yep, so as I thought : EU customer : second-class customer. Shouldn't happen at the same time with EU servers anyway, it's just badly handled.
  7. 5 Hour Downtime again

    It's not about "every single person", just think for a second. They do maintenances at those times because it suits NA, not Europe for some unknown reason. Why do other games do maintenances in the morning in EU ? Since their servers are also located in Germany or another place in Europe? It's not whinning it's just telling the truth, if they want this game to do right, they have to adapt to the customer, not the other way around. And if you think otherwise it just means you have no commercial know-how.
  8. 5 Hour Downtime again

    Or you have games with maintenances at convenient times for EU players, which shouldn't be hard to do considering servers are in Germany. Cheers.
  9. No matter what people say about Blizzard I got admit this is when you realise that they are professionnal and adapt to their customers (hint : success in the market). WoW's maintenances are always during Wednesday morning, not NA morning, EU. Because it's European servers ! I don't know how they just let it slide like that but they will go nowhere with that kind of attitude trust me.
  10. PVP=Griefing Noobies

    You get a warning before using the outfit that the other faction can attack you. Read dude. It was obvious people would attack, I never used my outfit when I got it cause that meant being ganked by higher levels. Now I only use it to farm in Misty Woods since OW PvP is awful anyway.
  11. Aye, funny fact is that the EU servers are located in Germany, which makes it even weirder as to why they don't adapt to our time zones. They better change those habits or people will just be fed up and go elsewhere with morning maintenances.
  12. Who does maintenance in the middle of the day?

    wrong servers are in Germany, otherwise we would have dirty 200+ ping.
  13. Who does maintenance in the middle of the day?

    I have no issues but new servers won't help anyway since most people already progressed on their characters. Others could use that, since they barely logged in at all.
  14. What just happened?

    Except the EU servers are located in Germany. Even WoW's EU servers get their maintenance during Wednesday morning, just saying.
  15. Weapon Skins

    Honestly the weapon skin is just plain dull, nothing special. So it's taking dust in the bank.