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  1. You are not the only one whose been " playing wow since vanilla ", but this game is more like Tekken, than WOW.
  2. It's not the SJWs that are complaining, or commenting, it's the fact that these things are in Korea, and we want them as well.
  3. up voting this, we need more causal looks for the ladies, we are not all into going to a bar and getting paid to date guys, seriously that's what most of the fashion looks like right now.
  4. Honestly, after getting a bunch of outfits in dungeon runs that don't look so good on my main, I wish Dungeon outfits could be stamped. I get why faction, and quest reward outfits aren't but some of the dungeon outfits should be. ie Pirate princess, looks good on Lyn and Gon, but not so much on the other ladies. Of course my Warlock was the one who got it. She might have smaller breasts, but she has them.
  5. Yah, I went out of my way to make a Lyn that was not childlike as possible. I think the Night Luna is a good outfit for people with similar views. -Kompressor:
  6. Sorry to hear that, sounds like Stargardt disease. I understand that can be difficult. I use to work as a caregiver/social worker and had a client who had that among other issues. Just remember the wise words of Cave Johnson: “When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemo
  7. Then get the Breeze weapon the other way, earn it in game. Thanks for the heads up, as I have a few Breeze Lockboxes and now I know to sell what's in them.
  8. Not sure with each specific one, if you look at the tool tip it usually says how to unlock it. Usually it's a HM Secret technique, sometimes its some achievement ie PVP/PVE Grind.
  9. I'm confused, now. Your color problem sound like a form of colorblindness, which is a Y usually gene issue. As to the later, dick move, not a scam, they have to do something to convince you to spend for it to be a scam. Bumping up the bid by a large amount is something you just have to keep an eye out for. Which is why everyone said "Slowdown"
  10. those are the things unlocked by the books. Also some achievements unlock a few.
  11. Yah they disabled it, which is annoying a bit, hopefully they unlock it again as I want to upgrade to my current looks. See my sig.
  12. Why would me being female have anything to do with my gameplay style? I've been a hardcore gamer since the 80's, when it was dice and quarters. When I was younger I would kick most guys arses in Tekken. My issue with jumping is why I gave up on Wildstar, if it wasn't for the old school fighting game feel of this game I would have left back to FFXIV last month. I hate the Story, I dislike Jumping. Also 22 gold would be back in a dick move. So yah, he was a dick, and it sucks. But he didn't effect your freewill, and he didn't actually harm you. Learn from this, and be cautious when
  13. Just a country girl in the big city. Silvia Corvus, originally a Deadlands Huckster.
  14. I'll often bid 1gold on these as I actually need them, and can't be bothered to go in a bidding war. If people sold them individually on the AH I wouldn't do that, but they are usually in big stacks. It seems more and more like you are just wanting attention for being a victim. I hate platform games, and can't jump for crap, think it's an age thing, because when I was younger I had a Nintendo and never had the problem. My timing is off, So I usually just bust the boxes and kill walk instead of Jumping and wall running. Which is funny since I do this on my Warlock. I can't wait for
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