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  1. Just a country girl in the big city. Silvia Corvus, originally a Deadlands Huckster.
  2. Hey, talking about fashion is just as valid as showing it off. That said, here is my latest of my now Main. Since Sylvia is inspired by Deadland RPG, she's a Hukster US Marshal, related to the Whatleys. I figure this is a good picture for her.
  3. don't say that, I got Pirate Princess and the infernal outfit already, just keep running them. Make sure you have gold for the bidding war unless you solo them. Oh, and this is important, don't sweat it, if you want it, you'll get it eventually. see my account in wow look at my mount collection, years of grinding for mounts, got most of the ones on my list.
  4. You can, just a rare drop. When I say rare, it makes some of the WOW drop rates look easy.
  5. I feel it's time for someone to step away from their computer and watch a sunset or two.
  6. I don't think the FBI cares, although I am sure more than 1 person here has enjoyed loveless. http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/14500000/loveless-loveless-14538006-800-600.jpg true, but...
  7. Bhuem with a bomb, it's her favorite thing really.
  8. I should point out, for me Lyn Males are too easy to make look female, half the time I'm not sure of their gender as it is. Which is why Kompressor is not Fem at all. However, I do have a femboy my Kung Fu Master Gon.
  9. Oh, and too many boys in a row, so here is Kompressors Sister. Bhuem KaBhuem KaBhuem She is the typical psychotic psychopath girl. Ok I'm sure that was too much for you guys, I'll post a boy picture... :p
  10. So many pretty boys. I went in a different direction. Meet Kompressor, he's a Mobster. He really looks cool with a gun.
  11. At a guess, she's lucky, since I know exactly where that picture was taken in game.
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