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  1. Honestly, after getting a bunch of outfits in dungeon runs that don't look so good on my main, I wish Dungeon outfits could be stamped. I get why faction, and quest reward outfits aren't but some of the dungeon outfits should be. ie Pirate princess, looks good on Lyn and Gon, but not so much on the other ladies. Of course my Warlock was the one who got it. She might have smaller breasts, but she has them.
  2. Then get the Breeze weapon the other way, earn it in game. Thanks for the heads up, as I have a few Breeze Lockboxes and now I know to sell what's in them.
  3. Just a country girl in the big city. Silvia Corvus, originally a Deadlands Huckster.
  4. If you say you haven't done drugs, it implies illicit drugs which society deems illegal. It does not include this list of common drugs most humans have consumed: Caffeine, Aspirin, Prescription Drugs (including Marijuana in California), Over the counter Drugs, Alcohol, cinnamon, and several seasonings which in large doses can cause drugged out effects. More often or not "I don't do Drugs" only refers to Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Illegal Opiates, and certain illegal party drugs like LSD & "E" back in the day (honestly I miss the E from the UK back in 1993, long story of me rav
  5. Oh just so I can have a fem Lyn Alt, on a second account. 8 slots is not enough for an Altaholic like me. He's meant to give the cute yet creepy vibe. ie Benedict Cumberbatch as a fem lyn. I'll Admit, he's kind of a creepy one, but in Game he's also really cute. I almost gave him the gruff male voice, almost, I decided to use the girly one.
  6. Basically they are saying the next class is not going to be like the Chi master which is a combo of two other classes. In reality the statement has no other meaning as NPCs have all other suggested classes, and play styles. If I could read Korean I would find out what Korean Players are asking for. Anything else is pure assumption.
  7. I need to put in my vote for a Gun Class, I think the idea of a Martial Arts Gun Fighting style to be super cool. If you see Equilibrium you'll understand. That is an assumption.
  8. Honestly, tanking in this game is a bit different than other MMOs, since there is no proper Healing, and tanking is more about damage control and playing skills, and less about preventing others from pulling aggro. That said, the Leveling tree has suggestions, but is completely free form, as such two players with the same class could have very different DPS even if they are identically geared, and player abilities. If you play an Assassin it's not so much like a WOW rogue, it's more unique with lots of tricks and responses to situations, as such to do well as an assassin you have to be very st
  9. I'd say what's your play style, Maxed Geared/Max Level characters played by experts, tend to be about the same in DPS and Utility for PVE, not sure about PVP right now, but fairly sure who ever is top right now is next to be nerfed. I play both, my only comment on this is nearly every bot in the game is a Destroyer. Bladedancers are also fun as all can be. While I agree Summoners have a permanent pet, which taunts, And they can heal their pets, making them fit the Hunter category fairly well. Their DPS is actually not as high as Warlocks, Force masters, or any melee. They are
  10. Honestly what play style do you like? Do you like glass cannon casters? Warlock, Force master Do you like Pet caster? Summoner Do you like easy mode melee? Destroyer Do you like Bladed melee? Blademaster or Blade Dancer Are you into calculated combos? Assassin Races tend to be tied to classes, so that's purely a style issue.
  11. Honestly, a thing to remember about review sites: 1: Paid advertising, they will say a game is better than it is if the developer spends ad revenue with them, likewise they will nerf a review for developers who don't. As such I do not follow review sites anymore because I don't trust their reviews. 2: The game is older, and it does have issues that need to be resolved. Laggy, not enough servers in other locations world wide. Compatibility with some newer hardware. 3: The western version of the story is bad, really bad. The game suffers because the designer
  12. then it hasn't happened to me, I have had an issue where too many people around and the costume effect doesn't go off, but I'm still buffed.
  13. the effect, or the costume. I've noticed this as well, but the buff is still working.
  14. Hey, talking about fashion is just as valid as showing it off. That said, here is my latest of my now Main. Since Sylvia is inspired by Deadland RPG, she's a Hukster US Marshal, related to the Whatleys. I figure this is a good picture for her.
  15. don't say that, I got Pirate Princess and the infernal outfit already, just keep running them. Make sure you have gold for the bidding war unless you solo them. Oh, and this is important, don't sweat it, if you want it, you'll get it eventually. see my account in wow look at my mount collection, years of grinding for mounts, got most of the ones on my list.
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