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  1. Multiple monitors + mouse control

    This was an issue back in alpha.. so why hasn't it been fixed? - Launch the game, log in.. monitor moves to 2nd and 3rd screen In order to fix it, you need to alt-tab and select the game window, and even then, it doesn't work 100% of the time. Kind of game breaking :\
  2. To chime in as well, got my assassin to 45 today, and I can't see myself playing the game for much longer either. Everyone says that, "the game just released, be patient and we'll take care of the bots/spam".. well, the game has not just released. It has been out for 4 years now. Just this evening, I wanted to see if there was someone in faction chat that could help with a player, and it's entirely flooded with spam. Block list? It's full, can't add anymore. The rumor is that the reason B&S didn't make it to the west until just recently was due to the failure of Aion, and this is to be the last time they import anything. Sadly, it seems that NCSoft West isn't up to running a game. The translation is good, so I will give them that.. but the failings of the game: - Spam/Bots - Ranged skills not activating due to server latency / bad networking (Same issue as Aion did with flight and combat) - Obvious "money-grubbing" in the way they operate their cash shop - No account based vault - WAAAY to linear of a quest line.. not even a hint of an "open world" mmo that is standard since, mmm, 2006? - Nothing challenging about PVE - Max level way to quickly - Disproportionate income - expense ratio (this allows gold sellers to flourish) - Memory leaks/bugs (for a game that is 4 years old.. really?) I do understand that NCSoft-West is just a publishing company so the fault cannot be laid with them, if the rumors are true about this being a "last shot" for them, I hope the employees have their resume's updated, because in the state that the game is in now, it won't hold up for 3-6 months, and they will not turn a profit on the game.
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Yes and no. I would recommend going the way of hiring a contract firm to do it. If you have a volunteer force of players, you'll start seeing people banned for no reason (it's a free game). Hire contractors to do it, and if they ban someone for no reason, they're out of a job.
  4. assassins bit too op?
  5. leveling 37 - 41

    Without watching the video.. let me guess. Do quests? This game is pretty !@#% linear :\
  6. assassins bit too op?

    Heh, came across the PVP dailies a couple of days ago. If you can't tell by the name, I'm a sin. - KFM: Easy win. I don't think he was actually playing though :\ - Summoner: Interesting fight. Once I found the player, easy fight. He had a good idea though of making himself and his pet look the same. - BM: Spin2Win.. lame. Finally just used throwing daggers and kiting, until he ran into my landmine. Then I got the initiative and won. - Destroyer: WTFISTHIS? Grab, throw down, juggle, grab, throw down, juggle.. I got out of it once and tried to take initiative, but he knocked me out of stealth and repeated. Ok, now, granted, I am by no means a good player (yet), and I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone (except the destroyer) were also new players. Regardless, know your class and the sin class (make one!), then you can realize how to fight them.
  7. A Warning To Good Players

    I think it was the level 23 or so dungeon iirc, the one that gives the quest drop box for the weapon upgrade; I ran that 27 times and no class weapon. Finally just sold all of the ones I did get and purchased my assassin dagger. Fun times. I also ran TotE quite a few times, in one group, there were 5 assassins and a BM. Funny enough, the assassin dagger dropped, and even the blademaster rolled.. wth? We also had the mask drop too. Needless to say, I left that dungeon with 30 more silver than I had going into it.
  8. Sadly, I went to bed quite early last night, and the result, was waking up quite early this morning, only to find that we're down for maintenance, and that the server won't be coming back online until I leave for work, /sadpandaface
  9. Yea, actual trading between players. This would help with having gold seller / buyer consequence when they get banned.
  10. Spent $5.00 to send mail.. there should also be this system to perform in-game player to player trades :\ edit: Actually, instead of a generic "buy ncsoft coin".. there should be purchasable "modules" that you have to get to enable stuff like this. These module tickets should also be account-wide (buy once for entire account unlock), and bind on pickup.
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    There are three things that NCSoft needs to do: 1) Have x amount of GM's sit on each server, as well as the multi-server dungeon queue as well as the pvp arena server, and monitor chat, kicking anyone selling gold (don't ban) 2) Create a system that if you send X amount of messages to the server in X amount of time, you get auto-kicked from the server 3) Hire a grey-hat to take down the websites / attack the gold spammers network. Someone took down the "Microsoft's Tech Support" team's database that was cold calling about "detecting viruses on your computer" and they were out of business for about 2-3 months. edit: NCsoft should have made this game a Pay to Play game.. buy it once and it's free to play after that. Without this, banning the spammers and bots have no consequence.